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Local Marketing Solutions for Industries with Distributed Marketing Needs


If your organization faces the challenge of marketing across multiple locations with stores, dealers, distributors, agents, or chapters then you are in the right place. MarketSnare was created to solve the challenges that distributed marketing organizations face in managing local marketing across tens to thousands of locations or local representatives. While there are many organizations that have this need, there are specific industry segments that have traditionally relied heavily on a distributed sales and marketing model where business is transacted at the local level. These organizations are continually looking for competitive advantages in marketing at the local level to connect with local prospects looking for their products and services locally and connecting them with their local representatives.


MarketSnare was designed to help multi-location organizations overcome the challenges of distributed local marketing so that they can turn their size into an advantage at the local level. While multi-location businesses typically have the resource to develop better branding tools and creative execution, much of that advantage can be wasted if they aren’t visible to prospects locally. Single location businesses have traditionally had a big advantage in creating local relevance and winning the visibility battle at the local level because all the content they produce is very localized. MarketSnare enables multi-location businesses to localize their marketing efforts so they can take advantage of both centrally created assets and localization of contents, ads, social, reputation, and other important local marketing tactics that result in unparalleled local marketing results.




MarketSnare has extensive experience in working with multi-location businesses across a wide range of industries.We have found that a handful of industries and organization types regularly have multi-location marketing challenges that MarketSnare can solve. For many of these industries we have developed unique functionality within our platform to meet specific needs these type of organizations. Please explore the following industries to learn how MarketSnare can help make local marketing easier, more efficient, and more effective for everyone.


By the very nature of their business model, franchises exist to provide turnkey business systems that can provide predictable results for each local franchise owner. In our experience, franchisors have lacked the tools to create and manage effective local digital marketing programs for their franchises. MarketSnare empowers franchisors to deliver turnkey marketing systems that can enforce brand guidelines while creating easy, efficient, and effective local marketing programs that can be centrally managed and/or customized at the local level as necessary. With MarketSnare you can expect results to include a lower cost of marketing, better local marketing results, more consistent branding, better coordination of messaging and promotions, and greater franchisee satisfaction.

MarketSnare is the perfect solution for new and existing franchises to deliver cost effective world-class marketing programs that help your entire organization grow.


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Most insurance companies sell their products and services through local agents that are either “captive” company employed agents who primarily sell the company's insurance products or independent agents who sell multiple brands. Either way, insurance companies benefit if their local agents are being found by prospective customers looking for applicable insurance products in their local market. Most insurance companies try their best to support their local agents marketing efforts, but don't have the tools to deploy effective local marketing programs in a cost effective way.

Many end up providing the local agent co-op marketing dollars and letting them figure out what to do on their own, but often these dollars go unspent or wasted on ineffective tactics. MarketSnare solves these challenges by providing a local marketing platform that allows you to take advantage of the size and marketing assets of your insurance company and provide turnkey local marketing programs that you can customize to the needs of your agent network. MarketSnare also manages compliance making sure that digital content stays within the legal and brand guidelines you have established.

With MarketSnare you can expect to deliver powerful solutions for local agent marketing that are cost effective, compliant, and produce incredible results.


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Financial Services

Most banks, investment management firms, mortgage companies and other financial services companies have invested in local branches and offices with representatives that meet face to face with current and prospective customers. What is surprising is that while most of the organizations are investing large dollars to have a physical local presence, their digital support of these locations leaves a lot to be desired. National and regional financial services companies often focus on centralized branding and messaging and have allowed local competitors to win at the local level. Collectively across all their local markets, most are leaving huge business opportunities on the table to reach consumers in each local market. MarketSnare can overcome the challenges of distributed local marketing for financial services organizations such as brand consistency, localized content, and compliance.

With a MarketSnare solution you can expect to save time, money, and significantly improve your local marketing results while adding great value to your local representatives.


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Manufacturer Dealer / Distributor Networks

Most manufactures rely on dealer and distributor networks to get their products in the hands of consumers. The dealer network distribution model has been an effective sales strategy since the dawn of time, but it isn’t without it’s own unique marketing challenges, especially at the local level. Manufactures usually do a great job of marketing their products at the national level, but when it comes to local marketing things can really tricky. Since the advent of the digital marketing age, things have gotten even more complex with organic search, local dealer websites, paid digital ads, social media, reviews, and online business listings all becoming critically important to the local marketing mix.

MarketSnare provides a cost effective and incredibly easy solution for delivering game changing local marketing programs for your dealer / distributor network including local websites, business listings, reviews, digital ads, and more. You can create opt-in programs with options that let your dealers select the local marketing services that are right for them. You can help support your programs with co-op or MDF funds that we can help manage for you. MarketSnare gives you the ability to centrally manage local websites including all critical aspects of you brand and product information while letting your local dealers customize and add content unique to their business if you wish. Manufactures leverage MarketSnare's local marketing analytics to see how the each aspect of the dealer's marketing is performing and if they are effectively following up on new opportunities.

With a MarketSnare program you can expect more control of your local marketing efforts, better utilization of co-op funds, drastically improved local lead generation, high ROI, and better brand and legal compliance across the board.


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Business Co-Ops

Many business co-ops are formed as a group of similar types of independent local businesses that join together to form a larger organization that can leverage the collective size of the group for volume purchasing power, technology development, industry expertise, administration efficiencies, and marketing. The MarketSnare local marketing platform is a perfect fit for Co-ops looking to provide marketing support for their members. MarketSnare can provide a centrally managed marketing solution that takes advantage of the collective size of the co-op to develop best practice local marketing solutions with the flexibility to be customized at scale for each individual businesses’ brand, product mix, and geographic location. Each local business also has the flexibility to fully customize their solution for their own needs, while taking advantage of the centralized assets of the program. Your co-op marketing program also benefits from the shared experience across all the members allowing for continual refinement to produce far greater results for each member than they could achieve on their own.

A MarketSnare local marketing program can give co-ops the ability to provide members with professional local marketing solutions at a fraction of the cost that each business would spend in developing their own marketing solution. Members can pick and choose the local marketing services that work best for their needs. With a MarketSnare co-op member local marketing program you can expect to deliver a win-win solution for your members that will reduce cost, improve results, create efficiencies, and raise member satisfaction.


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Business and Trade Associations

Business and trade associations create valuable communities of businesses in an industry with similar business needs. Business associations are continually working to provide value to their membership by creating services and solutions that strengthen the individual company members. Most associations are also trying to find ways to increase revenues through non-dues based revenue streams. MarketSnare works with associations to help develop marketing programs that leverage the collective buying power of the association to provide best practice local marketing solutions at a fraction of the cost individual businesses could implement comparable marketing programs on their own. MarketSnare provides associations with the ability to provide a valuable service to an areas of need for most local businesses with the opportunity to create significant non-dues revenue streams for the association. Associations can create opt-in marketing programs that allow each member to choose the local marketing solutions that fit their needs including websites, SEO, business listings, reviews management, digital ads and more.

With a MarketSnare program business and trade associations can expect to deliver a world-class local marketing solution for their members that will reduce member marketing cost, improve marketing results, save time, and reduce frustration. Our programs have also helped associations create non-dues revenue streams, add value to their membership benefits, and increase member satisfaction.


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National Brands

National Brands are increasingly putting strategic resources and budget behind developing effective local marketing strategy. Why? Because it works. There are many advantages for national brands to market at the local level because that is where their customers are. People in general like to buy locally from people they can meet and feel like they will honestly answer their questions and be there to back the product or service if something goes wrong. Many research reports are showing that localizing your message for each market outperforms a monolithic national approach from social media to content marketing to digital ads. Whether you have a physical presence in each local market or you rely on other retailers or even e-commerce, local customers are searching for what you do with local intent, they are leaving local reviews, and they are attempt to engage with you locally on social media. The challenge for National Brands is how to scale your marketing efforts across many local markets efficiently and effectively. MarketSnare exists to solve these challenges. The MarketSnare local marketing automation platform enables you to create local marketing programs with various marketing channels and tactics and localize them in every one of your markets as if you were only working with one market.

With MarketSnare you can expect to centrally create and manage local marketing programs at scale to improve efficiencies, lower cost, maximize return on ad spend (RoAS), improve organic visibility, manage local reputation and engagement, and more.


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In today's digital world things are changing at such a rapid pace, and few industries are changing as quickly as healthcare. New technologies, government regulations, insurance policy, and patient care options keep the industry in a constant state of change. Many areas of the country are experiencing mass consolidation as large healthcare systems buy up private doctor practices and specialty care groups forming large multi-location and multi-discipline healthcare organizations. Through the consolidation process, many of the once effective local marketing programs of the small organizations get swept up into the large corporate web presence of the healthcare system. Many times this approach is taken because it is quick and relatively easy without having to worry about a plethora of local and specialty websites that can be a management nightmare from brand consistency to legal compliance and more. Still other healthcare organizations operate in many distinct local markets across a wide geographical area and for many of the same reasons, are stuck trying to compete in each local market with a single corporate website.

What's lost in these large monolithic website scenarios is the ability to have distinct local marketing efforts that are relevant to each local market.  Many studies have shown that people are interested in working with local healthcare providers. They want to know who is providing good care and how they are part of the local community. People are using the web more than ever to research healthcare options, searching for information on health conditions, who are the local specialists who can help, what do reviews say about the local doctors, and what kind of facilities are close to where they live. The challenge for larger healthcare organizations is how to effectively and efficiently market at the local level while still maintain brand consistency, legal compliance, and centralized control. MarketSnare is the local marketing platform that can help healthcare organizations accomplish exactly that. 

With MarketSnare local marketing solutions for healthcare you can expect to have the ability to centrally create and manage local marketing programs for each of your locations, markets, and / or practice areas to maintain control of brand and legal compliance issues while reaping the tremendous benefits of a localized marketing approach. MarketSnare can help you manage local websites, business listings, physician and practice reviews/reputation, social media, organic visibility, digital advertising, and more. MarketSnare technology provides tremendous efficiencies so that you can manage all your local websites as if you were managing a single website while producing far greater results than a single corporate website through greater local visibility and higher conversion rates across the board.


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Non-profit organizations are a valuable part of every community. While these organizations may not have the same type of profit motives as for-profit businesses, effective marketing is every bit as important for them to build visibility in their local communities. Local visibility is critical to communicating the non-profit organizations mission and vision to the community, build awareness of how they can help their target audience, and reaching people who would be interested in helping fund their activities. Many non-profit organizations are large enough where they operate in and service many geographical areas. Many non-profits have local chapters that act with varying degrees of autonomy in their local territories. While their goals may be different, the local marketing tactics necessary to achieve their marketing goals in each local market are the same as businesses and the challenges are similar as well.

Most multi-chapter non-profits either provide guidelines to their local chapters are rely on them to build their own marketing solution ("recreating the wheel" in each local market) or try to represent each market through location pages on the main national / regional non-profit website. The first approach results in tremendous inefficiencies and inconsistencies across each local market. The second approach loses the ability to effectively achieve marketing results in each local market. MarketSnare is the solution that can provide non-profits the best of both worlds with an effective local marketing program that can leverage the marketing assets of the parent organization to create localized marketing programs that are cost effective, brand consistent, and produce unparalleled marketing results across each local market.

With MarketSnare local marketing solutions for multi-chapter non-profit organizations the parent organization can easily update messaging across all local websites and social accounts, ensure local search visibility for important topics in each local market, manage local social media engagement and reputation, launch coordinated awareness and fundraising campaigns, and more. Non-profits can expect to lower their marketing cost, create efficiency, improve local marketing results, reduce frustration, and raise local chapter satisfaction. Each local chapter can also have the appropriate level of control over local content as needed to further localize their marketing efforts.


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Real Estate

Over the past decade, real estate has gone increasingly digital. Most consumers start their real estate buying process online with many sites that make searching and researching homes and commercial properties very easy. Despite the ease of online access to information, having a quality real estate professional to assist in the buying and selling process is as important as ever. Real Estate organizations both residential and commercial face stiff competition at the local level and need every competitive advantage to stand out from the completion for new clients. Many real estate organization have three tiers of marketing with a national real estate brand, a local real estate brokerage, and many local agents. In many cases the national brand may provide some guidance on local marketing but they leave things up to their local brokerage partners to figure out their local marketing or don't provide effective solutions so the brokerage ends up developing their own solution to compete locally. Agents are often in the same boat, going out and developing their own marketing strategies to compete effectively.

Like in most industries, the marketing challenge is that the national resources are often generic and ineffective at the local level and when everyone does their own thing it results in a wildly inconsistent user experience with high marketing costs and mixed results. MarketSnare solves these challenges by allowing real estate organizations to centrally create and manage efficient and effective local marketing programs that can be localized at scale for each local brokerage and even agent. Each local program can have specific elements locked down to maintain brand consistency and legal compliance but also allow for a high level of customization locally. Each local program can be customized to the tactics and budgets that fit the local market.

With MarketSnare local marketing solutions for Real Estate you can expect local marketing analytic across all markets, tremendous marketing efficient gains, lower marketing cost, superior results, brand and message consistency, local personalization, and increased agent satisfaction across the board.


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