Multi-Location SEO Management Platform

SEO Solutions For The Multi-Location Brand

Scalable Local Lead Generation at up to 95% Less Cost Per Lead Than Digital Ads.

For brands that rely on sales at the local level, it’s never been more important to be discoverable on search engines such as Google. Organic search results, those shown below the ads on the results page, are critical for multi-location brands especially, since they are customized for the searcher’s location, and are perceived by consumers as more trustworthy and credible than ads.

What’s more, unlike paid search advertisements, investing in a comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) program affects your rankings long after you stop putting money into it. In fact, when SEO is done correctly, most brands see search rankings continue to improve over time as domain authority grows.

Because of these factors, our SEO programs on average generate leads at 90% less cost than paid ads. However, managing the search engine presence of tens to thousands of locations is nearly impossible for most brands to do on their own, when you consider all the factors needed to compete and win at the local level such as technically optimized local websites, consistent locally relevant content, local reviews, and local business listings.

MarketSnare was designed from the ground up with a laser-focus on organic search engine visibility. Our platform provides you with game changing capabilities that allow you to implement best practice SEO strategies across the three major pillars critical to local search visibility. Our approach allows multi-location organizations to compete against local businesses in each market like it was their only market. WIth MarketSnare you can compete and win at scale across thousands of locations, for a much lower cost per location than previously possible.

National Home Products Brand
4X Lead Growth
from organic search in first 18 months
National Home Products Brand
8X Increase
in website traffic from organic search across local markets in first 18 months
International HVAC Brand
85% Page 1
keyword rankings across all dealer websites within 90 days of program launch
National Windows Brand
75% Page 1
keyword rankings across 136 keywords per local dealer
red-line blue-line gold-line
Pillar 1: Local Web Presence

The foundation of any search visibility program is web presence for each location. MarketSnare offers a range of web presence solutions from location directory pages to robust local websites on stand alone domains and everything in between. Whatever the right type of local webpresence is optimal for your organization, MarketSnare provides central management and publishing so every page and web site is technically optimized based on current best practices and proven strategies. Another advantage of centralized management is the fact that top search engines change their ranking algorithms hundreds of times each year, so updates can be made centrally and instantly pushed out to your entire network, keeping you perpetually on the forefront of best practices and atop of the search rankings.

If the local website is the vehicle for SEO then content is the gas that makes it go. MarketSnare provides advanced content management tools that allow for the personalization of content across a large network of websites extremely efficiently. Our Content Localization Engine uses profiles for each location to allow for the personalization of all website content for each market.

Advanced content publishing and localization engines and tools ensure each piece of content is unique at the local level. Robust SEO tools also allow site maps, bot files, redirects, and meta data to be customized and optimized for each location at scale. In the nutshell, MarketSnare allows you to create a best practice technically optimized local web presence for tens to thousands of locations as if you were doing it for one location.

Pillar 2: Local Relevance

Google and other search engines’ primary aim is to provide their users with the best search results that meet the intent of their search criteria. Because the majority of consumers are using the web to shop locally, local relevance has become a critical factor for businesses that service a specific geographic area. While overall domain authority has always been a critical aspect of search engine visibility, studies show that local relevance often trumps domain authority for local queries. For example if you have one page about a particular local market on a large website with thousands of pages and compare that to a website that is all about that one market, the local website has a much higher relevance to your products/services in that local market and will usually win out even though it has nowhere near the level of overall domain authority.

While there are many business listing management solutions on the market today, very few of them have a solution for local and industry business listing websites that provide a strong signal for local relevance. MarketSnare provides a business listing management solution that was designed to meet the challenges of multi-location businesses. Our turnkey solution is actively managed by a team of US based digital marketing professionals who utilizes your business location profile data to ensure your listings are providing maximum impact to your local visibility objectives. What’s more, we have over 1,600 national, local, and industry-specific directories in our network, which means your business gets continually growing, customized coverage on the most authoritative directories for your business that build your local relevance and propel your search ranking upward.

Pillar 3: Local Trust

Building local trust and confidence in your business is important for both search engine bots and the people that will ultimately become your customers. From the perspective of search ranking, modern search engines scour the web for trust signals that verify your business is legitimate and credible. This is done primarily by looking at other business listing websites, review websites, industry directories, and relevant websites in your local community and comparing that information to your location website to build confidence that you are who you say you are. Search engines, like humans, also take a look at your reviews to determine if they should send their customers your way.

Now that average review stars are shown in many SERP results, great search rankings will do you little good if your reviews are poor. Did you know that 91% of consumers read reviews to judge whether a local business is good or bad?2 As a multi-location brand, managing online reviews across all of your locations is an essential piece of the local marketing puzzle that impacts your local search visibility, consumer trust, AND conversion rate. However, without the right tools, managing and replying to local reviews is arduous. What’s worse, if you’re simply spot-checking reviews, you’re probably discovering problems with your brand reputation at the local level after it’s already too late.


In a nutshell, MarketSnare Multi-Location SEO Programs provide you with the tools and managed services you need to win the visibility battle at the local level. We utilize our network of thousands of local websites and relationships with major search engines to monitor the local search landscape and stay ahead of the curve. MarketSnare enables “white-hat” SEO tactics that stay within the technical and philosophical guidance of the search engines to provide value to local consumers by making your message more locally relevant for each of your markets. We are, in essence, enabling you to do all the things that the search engines recommend you do for any local website at a scale that makes sense for multi-location businesses. Because the MarketSnare approach is aligned with the philosophical direction of the major search engines, MarketSnare SEO solutions continue to get stronger with better results over time and through each algorithm update.


The MarketSnare platform enables you to overcome the challenges inherent to achieving local organic visibility at scale across tens to thousands of locations. You can use the MarketSnare tools yourself to manage your local SEO programs or we can provide a turnkey solution for you. For over a decade, our team of local SEO professionals have managed thousands of local SEO programs and our results speak for themselves.