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Request a Strategy Session Call Sales at 855-762-7387

Localized Social Media Marketing Solutions at Scale

People Want to Engage with You at the Local Level


Did you know that a Facebook study showed localized social media marketing techniques have been shown to outperform corporate social pages by 345%? In fact, analytic data from our platform shows that local Facebook pages collectively generate 10X engagement and 3X the web traffic than their corporate Facebook counterpart.

These facts show that people want to engage with you at the local level, with your local people, about products and services they can buy locally. Customers are interacting with brands more and more on social media - asking questions, leaving reviews, and logging complaints. Some of your local reps are great at social media, but most are either unengaged, use improper voice, or are inconsistent with the brand you’ve worked hard to build. Worst of all, if nobody creates local pages for your brand, platforms like Facebook may create them without your input, which can be disastrous.

Unfortunately, centrally managing the social presence of each of your locations at the corporate level has serious challenges. Can you control and scale the brand and messaging effectively? Can you localize posts? Can you review and approve local contributions? Can you efficiently monitor and respond to local engagement across all your locations to be responsive? Can you create ads or boost efficiently to the right audience at scale?

With MarketSnare, the answer is Yes. The MarketSnare Local Social Media Management platform gives you control of your local social presence by managing local social accounts at scale, across all your locations. You’ll take advantage of significant increases in social ROI and garner valuable insights into how customers see and interact with your brand in each market.

With Digital Ad Management You Can


Take Control of Your Brand & Message Across Local Social Media Accounts


Centrally Create, Update, and Manage Thousands of Social Accounts


Measure Local Reach, Engagement, Sentiment & Other Social KPIs


Organize & Localize Your Corporate Content & Marketing Assets


Review & Approve Local Posts to Ensure Brand and Legal Compliance


Post On-the-Go via Mobile & Quick Post Tools For Easy Local Contributions


Efficiently Engage, Listen, & Respond Across All Local Accounts


Expand Your Local Reach with Post Boosting & Targeted Social Media Ads


Group & Filter Local Accounts for Scheduled Posts & Bulk Actions

“Using MarketSnare we were actually able to implement and manage an effective local social media strategy that would be impossible without the scalability the platform provides. Our local social efforts across locations combined to provide significant performance improvements over our corporate social efforts with 6x fan growth, 15x engagement, and 6x reach.”


- National Multi-Location Brand

Launch an Effective Local Social Media Program in 5 Easy Steps


Develop a local social media strategy with our team including creation (or takeover) of local social accounts, content creation & localization, and publishing rules with workflow. We help you create location profiles as well as upload and organize all of your brand-approved images, links, and videos to your new cloud-based library.


Create custom groups of locations and schedules for content delivery. Publish and localize your content to one, some, or all of your local accounts across chosen social platforms, quickly and easily. You can allow your local representatives to contribute, too, approving only the posts that make sense. MarketSnare can help you to strategize what types of content will best win fans and influence sales at the local level, or even manage the entire program on your behalf!


Start engaging with your customers! Use our platform to monitor reviews, comments and messages across all your locations simultaneously. Set up alerts to flag and prioritize specific types of engagements based on keywords, sentiment, and type of engagement. Communicate directly with your fans quickly and consistently, applying bulk actions for efficiency.


Develop and refine KPIs to guide your efforts and measure results with our help. Engagement across your network is compiled & analyzed, providing valuable insights into customer sentiment at the local level, across all your locations, or using custom groupings.


Continuously optimize & grow your social media for local businesses by updating local pages with new content and campaigns. Share your posts with not only your fans but with new audiences similar to your fans by boosting posts and creating targeted ads. You can even allow local contributors to boost posts within a budget that you control.