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Local Marketing Solutions for Financial Services


Get control of compliance issues and deliver effective local marketing programs at scale across all your local markets.


For financial services organizations trying to grow their business, staying in legal compliance is always the top priority when it comes to marketing. It's a difficult enough job at the corporate level that becomes exponentially more difficult when you want to market effectively at the local level across many markets. Until now. MarketSnare is a local marketing automation platform that enables financial service organizations to centrally create, deploy, and manage local marketing programs for each of their local markets while maintaining strict control of legal compliance and brand standards. The MarketSnare platform was developed to address the specific challenges that financial services companies have in scaling marketing programs across all their locations.

MarketSnare allows you to centrally manage content, promotions, social posts, and digital ads across your entire network with the almost the same effort as if you were doing it for a single local market, branch or financial services professional. Our proprietary content localization engines allow you to efficiently personalize each web page, blog post, social post, and digital ad with unique, relevant, and valuable information for each location. With MarketSnare you have the tools you need to deliver powerful marketing programs that get proven results. With our platform you can select from a range of local marketing solutions to build a program that's perfect for the unique needs of each local market including:


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Financial services organizations face many challenges in implementing effective local marketing programs across their geographic markets.


Your local branch managers and financial professionals are great at what they do, but entrusting them to market your business and keep in compliance with legal regulations is a shaky proposition. Larger corporations and regional firms understand how to make sure their company complies with the laws and regulations set for their markets, but local managers aren’t always sure how to stay within these regulations. In short, it's difficult, complicated, and time consuming to ensure compliance. Doing so for multiple local branches is almost impossible. That’s why local marketing responsibilities are often left to the branch managers. This seems like a good solution, but most often results in ineffective efforts, higher costs, and missed business opportunities.

We’ve discovered that without local websites you, your local banks, investment management firms, mortgage companies, and other financial services are missing out on opportunities and clients. Now that searches are performed in the palm of our hands, nearly all consumers, 97% according to a recent study, research services online within their local market, and Google knows it. Are consumers able to find you when they search for the services you offer?

Some companies try to use programs that are centrally managed, but these programs are often too simple or cost prohibitive to be effective. MarketSnare has changed this paradigm. We work with thousands of financial service providers to recognize the needs that exist in your field. Through this we have been able to develop the technology necessary to solve the most complex problems for financial service local marketing. The marketing results we have been able to achieve for our clients have been exceptionally effective.



The Importance of the Local Financial Service's Web Presence


Having a local web presence gives you visibility and a localized message in each of your local markets that is essential to your local marketing efforts. This is where your customers will be directed from all your inbound and outbound marketing outreach. Local branding and messaging output is vital to gaining a local presence, and your local web presence acts as the foundation for your organic visibility and ability to turn web-users into prospective customer leads. It also complements any other marketing tactics you may be using to reach consumers, including local or national marketing campaigns and referrals. The web presence solutions that MarketSnare offers provide you with the ability to meet any financial service marketing needs from robust stand alone local websites to microsites and more. And for tens to thousands of branches. For success in this, though, each of your branches must have a web presence that makes them stand out…

  • Speak the local language. What sells your product in a big city may not be effective in a small town! Connecting with customers where they live is essential. This means that you need to have a local online marketing approach that takes into account such factors as local expressions, culture, climate, economic conditions, and loyalties. A local website can address those factors head on, helping your dealers reach local customers in a uniquely personal way. Help your branch neighbors select doing business with companies close to home, like you.
  • Establish a hub for local marketing. National or regional marketing efforts get a real boost from local “hometown” tie-ins. Being able to tag your TV and radio spots, print ads, billboards, and direct mailers with a dealer’s local business website gives you and that dealer instant local credibility. Such a site also lets you track the effectiveness of every campaign element in the dealer’s market. Equally important, driving potential customers to a local dealer gives them another opportunity to learn more about your product and your brand’s local connection.
  • Localize SEO. If you’re serious about capturing a local market, you can’t do better than to have a local dealer website infused with local geographic terms, news, events, and other such references. This approach personalizes and optimizes a website for local search visibility. In the end, it will make your company far more visible than if you were simply to list your outlets on your corporate website’s dealer locator page.
  • Engage with local social media. You should follow the lead of local businesses, most of whom nowadays have made social media a significant part of their marketing strategy. Engaging customers and prospects through sites like Facebook and Twitter on your corporate website is a great way to connect. But adding local social media marketing to the mix – marketing that drives people to a local dealer website – can be much more effective. It’s another way to keep the conversation between you and your customers going. And it certainly strengthens your local presence in each of your markets!

MarketSnare gives you the means to do it!



With MarketSnare you can manage the digital marketing for your entire bank, firm, or company from one hub. Think of it as a centralized turnkey local marketing management system. What it does is give you complete and immediate control over…

  • staying within legal compliance on all your local digital marketing communications
  • maintaining your brand standards,
  • keeping product information correct, and
  • ensuring the consistency of your message across all of your local marketing efforts.

At the same time, each local branch can optionally have the ability to add content to its own site. This includes such things as photos, descriptions of other products it may carry, dealership news, upcoming event notices, and other items of local relevance. Keeping this content freshly updated translates into high local search engine rankings, too! Result? Each of your dealers will be highly ranked for a wide range of keywords and geographic terms important to your business. Your dealers also get the benefit of localized, corporate-directed marketing programs that sell your product and help make each dealer more successful.Contact MarketSnare. We’d love to show you just how this program will work for your dealer network.

Your dealers also get the benefit of localized, corporate-directed marketing programs that sell your product and help make each dealer more successful.Contact MarketSnare. We’d love to show you just how this program will work for your network of branches and financial service professionals.


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