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MarketSnare Captures Local Visibility With Revolutionary Multi-Site Platform

MarketSnare, a program that empowers businesses to centrally manage a network of distinct websites to implement proven marketing techniques at a local level, was launched today by marketing technology firm Cirrus ABS.

MarketSnare enables businesses to manage and localize their brand message across a wide network of local websites. One central CMS interface gives CMOs ultimate command while still allowing each local partner a measure of control. MarketSnare deploys Cirrus ABS' unique Personalization Engine, allowing marketing automation and the building of local relevance on an enterprise-level scale. The result is "higher local search-engine visibility that leads to greater local opportunity," according to Kevin Mullett, director of visibility and social media for MarketSnare, who's slated to be a guest speaker at the upcoming SMX Las Vegas conference.

Tim Litton, marketing director at geothermal technology leader WaterFurnace International, Inc., attests to the program's effectiveness.* "To say we're pleased is an understatement," Litton says. "Within 60 days of implementation, the dealers' websites were appearing on the first page of Google for 148 of 182 targeted cities. And 79 of those sites were showing up first in organic search results."

According to Matt Nickols, CEO of Cirrus ABS, MarketSnare was developed as an efficient, cost-effective solution for the challenges of local online marketing, search engine visibility, and measuring network-wide campaigns across a large number of local markets. "MarketSnare vastly simplifies the process of providing effective, measurable marketing at the local level," Nickols says. "MarketSnare provides each location with a website that stays up-to-date, is highly visible in search engines, and is a central hub for local marketing activities so they can focus on running their location. Additionally, consumers get access to locally relevant information on current products and services they want."

About Cirrus ABS:
Founded in 1995, Cirrus ABS is an award-winning full-service marketing and technology solutions firm. The company has helped hundreds of clients nationwide - from small startups to Fortune 500 companies - leverage the Internet and digital technology to achieve their business goals.

*Litton's comments attest to WaterFurnace's experiences with a previous, Innovation-of-the-Year award-winning version of the program. For details,  click here.

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