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Kevin Mullett to Speak at SMX Social Media Marketing 2013

Kevin Mullett to Speak at SMX Social Media Marketing 2013

MarketSnare is pleased to announce that Kevin Mullett, our director of visibility and social media, has been selected to speak at SMX Social Marketing 2013. 

A frequent guest speaker at major social media and web marketing events, Kevin last addressed the SMX audience at SMX Toronto in March. There he presented “ The 1st Tool is Attention: Hardcore SEO & Social Power Tools” and “ Facebook Graph Search Preparedness For Businesses.”

Kevin’s session at this event, a “Social Tools Super Session,” is part of the Managing & Measuring Track, and he hints "it will be more powerful than a social media tool-laden locomotive!" Audience members will hear Kevin address how the right tools can empower open-minded, intelligent, and inquisitive marketers to get better returns from their marketing efforts. In addition, he will figuratively break tools down into logical groups, based on their tasks, while suggesting both free and paid options to accomplish those tasks.

SMX has a reputation for hosting events of exceptional quality and value. This particular event is to be held in Las Vegas on November 20 - 21 and is expected to draw over 5,000 marketers and social managers to hear a number of top social media and search marketing professionals speak.

According to Kevin, "Attendees have told me they walk away from these events recharged and ready to tackle new search and social marketing campaigns. That's certainly the effect I want my session to have on them!" 

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