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Over 200 Audio, Video, & Image Tools for Social Media Marketing from #ISMConf

Over 200 Audio, Video, & Image Tools for Social Media Marketing from #ISMConf

Kevin Mullett Presents Over 200 Audio, Video, and Image ToolsWelcome, Inside Social Marketing Conference attendees — and all who weren't able to attend!


Looking for Kevin Mullett's Inside Social Marketing presentation? See below for the entire slide deck, "Toolapalooza: Audio, Video, and Image Tools for Social Media Marketing," including bonus slides.


Kevin has gone all out and included well over 200 tools in this presentation. You may click on each of the logos to be directed to that resource. Since tools are only part of a solution, Kevin provides useful tips intended to guide CMOs and marketing managers on how to best utilize these tools. "It is my hope that people will treat this as a resource that they can return to time and again to do research based on types of tools and their uses," Kevin says.


Please remember to share this presentation socially. Feel free to comment on it via SlideShare, too.


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