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MarketSnare's Mullett Named One of Top 100 Content Marketing Influencers

MarketSnare's Mullett Named One of Top 100 Content Marketing Influencers

Kevin Mullett Speaking from Stage in NYCIf Kevin Mullett, our director of social media and visibility, weren’t the humble guy he is, we’d have one heck of a time keeping him humble, considering all the accolades he gets! The latest honor bestowed on him comes from the folks at Onalytica, a burgeoning online “Influencer Relationship Management” firm. It offers a specialized software program that enables customers to systematically manage and scale their relationships with key influencers and thought leaders throughout industry and the media. And it recently placed Kevin on its 2015 list of the Top 100 Individuals who are shaping Twitter’s #ContentMarketing discussion.

What Kevin says he most appreciates about this is that “the list isn’t just another baseless, narcissistic ‘good-old-boys,’ ‘you-scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-yours’ kind of publicity ploy.” Onalytica invested a fair amount of statistical research into selecting its top individual influencers. These are the 100 people who are generating the most #ContentMarketing interest, as evidenced by Onalytica’s analysis of more than 770,000 tweets from a total of 103,429 Twitter users. That Kevin placed at number 94 on the list validates something he perceived but never checked for himself. “People who host Twitter chats on this subject frequently invite me to participate in their chats, and I certainly noticed this was happening a lot,” he says. “I just didn’t give much thought to it. So I’m pleased.”

Offering advice on content marketing figures prominently in Kevin’s work for MarketSnare clients. It’s an essential aspect of the visibility and marketing strategies he develops for them. And it’s often touched upon when he performs audits to resolve issues affecting online marketing performance.

A 25-year veteran of the sales and marketing industry with 15 more years in web development and online marketing, Kevin has been heavily involved in the social media. He’s parlayed this experience into a series of successful speaking engagements that have garnered him a worldwide online following.

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