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Return #SocialChat Engagement for MarketSnares Kevin Mullett

Mark your calendars! On Monday, February 3, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. EST, Kevin Mullett, MarketSnare’s director of visibility and social media, will guest once again on SocialParler’s weekly live Twitter Chat, #SocialChat. This time around he’ll discuss Super Bowl 48's advertising and marketing. Specifically, he'll review the televised event's commercials, how those commercials made use of social media, and how social media in general impacted and was impacted by the event. He's also examine social media failures and how people reacted to Super Bowl 48's commercials via social media.

When Kevin last guested on #SocialChat, last November 25, he talked about social media marketing tools, basing that discussion on the “Social Tools Super Session” he presented at 2013’s SMX Las Vegas.Originally, he was scheduled to talk on Feb. 3rd's #SocialChat about audio, visial and image tools for social media marketing, but the immediacy of the Super Bowl game seemed to call for a switch in topics.

#SocialChat, a continuing forum in which marketing professionals can discuss a variety of social-media-related topics, is hosted by its creators, Alan K’necht (@aknecht) and Michelle Stinson Ross (@SocialMichelleR). Participants are given an opportunity to question and converse with a new social media guest expert every week.

New to Twitter Chat? Just visit, authenticate with your Twitter account and join in. Chats can be fast moving, but you’ll soon discover this is a helpful community that always welcomes new folks. If you don’t feel like actually participating in the conversation, that’s okay. It’s perfectly acceptable to observe only.

If you’d like to engage Kevin Mullett or any of our web professionals to speak at your next event, write blogs, or participate in live chats, contact MarketSnare.

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