One Main Website with Lots of Local Pages, or Many Localized Websites?

Should your multi-location business have one main website with a local page for each location, or should you build various localized websites that fully encompass each local business? 

On our podcast, I recently dived into this topic (and more) with my friend and business partner, Tim Flint, of Flint Analytics. He talked about how multi-location businesses that find a scalable solution that creates multiple localized websites for their business often dramatic increases in their conversion rates. 

So why are many multi-location businesses hesitant to transition from a single—and often unwieldy—website to multiple nimble region-based websites?

In short, many business owners simply don’t know that there are now technical solutions (like MaketSnare’s platform) that can give companies the tools to more easily manage multiple websites. 

So, in the rest of this article, I’m going to explore some important things to consider when evaluating single versus multiple websites. 

Single Websites: Go Solo?  

If you have just a single website, with an individual page that describes each local business (e.g. you have one website for staffing, and a dedicated page for each of your twenty staffing offices spread across the U.S.): 

  • You might be able to save on costs (because you’re not, for instance, paying for registering multiple domains, paying for hosting multiple websites, etc.). 

  • You’ll be able to tightly and centrally control your brand across various locations (but you’ll also somewhat shut-out your local businesses from expressing themselves the way they want to). 

  • You might spend less time maintaining just one website (as compared to many).

Multiple Websites: the More the Merrier?  

On the other hand, if you build multiple geographic-specific websites (e.g. you have 30 car dealerships throughout the U.S., each with their own stand-alone website): 

  • You can spot-light individual offers more effectively (for example, in summer your California dealers can offer various summer coupons that would be irrelevant to other localized websites). 

  • Each website will be able to feature localized keywords that are only relevant to that particular area. 

  • You can prominently display a single phone number on each website, and each would be a local phone number.

  • You can harness local authority. 

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out my chat with Tim Flint on our podcast.