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Local Search

Build local search relevance and maximize ROI as a multi-location business

4 min read

How Multi-Location Businesses can Build Local Search Relevance to Maximize Local Marketing ROI

In today’s digital age, businesses that operate across multiple locations face unique challenges when it comes to marketing and building their online...

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Use GBP right to rank high in Google search

4 min read

How to Harness Your Google Business Profile to Rank High in Google

What used to be called Google My Business is now called Google Business Profiles (GBP). The semantics don’t really matter, but the functionality...

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Local SEO trends to implement in 2023

2 min read

10+ Local SEO Trends You Shouldn’t Overlook in 2023—Part 1

Maybe it was the pandemic. Maybe it was the “shop local” movement. Maybe it was the rapid proliferation of smartphones and searches conducted on...

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SEO measurement is a must

5 min read

For Today’s Digital Marketers, SEO Measurement is a MUST!

In marketing circles before digital marketing emerged, marketing pros often lamented that they couldn’t measure their marketing results accurately....

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