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MarketSnares Kevin Mullett to Speak at Inside Social Marketing, Dec. 3 4

Chicago, IL, November 12, 2013 – Kevin Mullett, MarketSnare director of visibility and social media, is slated to be a featured speaker and panel participant at the Inside Social Marketing conference, December 3 and 4,  in New York City. A well-recognized social media advocate, Mullett will talk about audio, video, and image tools for social media marketing in an address he’s titled “Toolapalooza.” His session is scheduled for Tuesday, December 3, from 9:30 to 10:15 a.m. In addition, Mullett will participate in the panel discussion “Staying Strategic in a Busy Social World” from 1:45 to 2:30 p.m., the following day, December 4.

The conference is being hosted by Mediabistro, which bills itself as “a leading provider of jobs, news education, events, and research for the media industry.” Attendees are promised a comprehensive look at social media innovations as well as monetization issues confronting top digital media and marketing experts.

Anyone wishing to learn more about Inside Social Marketing and register for the event should visit

Kevin Mullett’s primary responsibility for MarketSnare centers around devising visibility and social media marketing strategies. The program is designed to help brands with partner networks better capture local opportunity. Mullett brings to his task more than 24 years of sales and marketing experience, which includes 15 years of web development and online marketing. He’s also an ADDY award-winning designer. In addition to his MarketSnare responsibilities, Mullett discovers, tests, and disseminates information on trends in digital marketing for developers, clients, and event audiences. His “passion,” as he calls it, for social media, SEO, and design has made him a sought-after speaker for various national and international industry events.

If you’d like to engage Kevin Mullett or any of our web professionals to speak at your next event, contact MarketSnare.

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