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Kevin Mullett to Be Featured SEO Presenter at SMX West 2015

Kevin Mullett to Be Featured SEO Presenter at SMX West 2015

An SMX favorite at past events, Kevin Mullett (@kmullett), director of social media and visibility for MarketSnare creator Cirrus ABS, has been selected for yet another SMX gig. This time he’ll be a featured presenter on Day 2 of SMX West 2015 in San Jose, California, March 3 – 5. Actually, he’ll be participating in two March 4 events. In the first session, “Content Marketing & Promotion to Drive Quality Links (#smx #23A), which is part of the event’s SEO Track, he’ll be one of three featured speakers. His second appearance that day will be as a panelist in the immediately following session, “Let’s Talk Local Search: Super Therapy Session for Advanced Local Marketers” (#smx #24D), which is part of the Mobile SEO & Local Track.

Attendees, sponsors, and other exhibitors can see Kevin as well at MarketSnare’s first-ever SMX booth in the EXPO Hall. Cirrus ABS CEO Matthew S. Nickols also will be on hand to speak with visitors and deliver a short “theatre” presentation covering “Ten Keys to Maximizing Organic Search Visibility for 10s, 100s, or Even 1,000s of Locations.”

Creating Content That Earns Shares, Backlinks & Citations.Kevin’s presentation in the “Content Marketing & Promotion ...” session is titled “Creating Content That Earns Shares, Backlinks & Citations.”

“My overarching message here is twofold,” Kevin says. “First, I want to show that making content ‘useful’ to your audience isn’t some SEO trick, nor is trying to be useful part of a faddish trend that will soon have no value. Second, I want to define what useful content is. In essence, it’s content that answers people’s questions and solves their problems – at the same time it evokes their emotion and entertains them.”

The other two speakers in this session are David Christopher (@davidmchris), Senior Inbound Marketing Manager for BigWing Interactive, and Purna Virji (@purnavirji), Director of Communications for Petplan Pet Insurance.

The subsequent panel discussion will cover all aspects of local  search. Kevin, who was instrumental in defining how MarketSnare helps marketers excel in this, says he’ll be “chiming in” with a number of points. Specifically, he wants to address multi-location situations and local relevance as opposed to domain authority. “I want to make sure businesses understand how to get total visibility on the local SERPs for primary and secondary markets – and for the widest array of terms that bring in leads,” Kevin tells us.

SMX West 2015 will be held at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center. Those wishing to attend can still register at

This marks Kevin’s fifth SMX speaking appearance. As a 25-year veteran of the sales and marketing industry, he has much to offer the SMX crowd. Besides traditional sales and marketing, he’s also been heavily involved for 16 years in web development and online marketing. And he’s an ADDY award-winning graphics designer as well.

If you’d like to engage Kevin Mullett or any of our web professionals to speak at your next event, write blogs, or participate in live chats, contact MarketSnare.

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