Conversion Strategies for Home Service Businesses w/ Guest Robert Ducharme of Routezilla

Robert Ducharme recently came on MarketSnare’s podcast to talk about how home service businesses can create a unique conversion strategy that finds local leads and converts them.

Robert is the Founder and CEO of Routezilla Software Corp, which has an app that home service providers use to schedule local appointments.

But before we dive into some excellent marketing and technology advice from that episode, first let’s answer a straightforward question: What exactly are home service businesses?

Basically they’re any business that comes to a customer’s house to perform a service. Here are some examples:

  • Handyman services.

  • Home cleaners.

  • Gardeners.

  • Mobile car wash services.

If these kinds of businesses want to thrive, one thing they must pay attention to is having a scheduling solution that connects them efficiently and effectively with new customers. But, as Robert said in our episode, you can’t just have a standard booking calendar on your website. If you do that, what happens if a customer on one side of town books a 9 a.m. install, and then a customer on the other side of town books a 9:30 a.m. install? How is your employee going to get their second appointment on time?

Home service businesses need a scheduling solution that caters to the geographic location of each and every customer booking a visit. And to be effective, it can’t just rely on zip codes to geo-locate customers. You need an app that can schedule your service calls so they’re geographically close to each other. That’s no easy task!

Robert and his team solved these problems with Routezilla, a robust scheduling system that home services businesses can use to avoid wasting time organizing their workers to visit customer homes.

In our chat with Robert, he had the following sound marketing and marketing advice for multi-location businesses:

  • These days, we live in an omni-channel world. As such, customers expect to be able to communicate with businesses via various methods, including (old fashioned) phone calls, texting, Facebook Messenger, etc.

  • Businesses need a technological solution that enables customers to reschedule their appointments. If you don’t, your workers will inevitably turn up at the homes of customers who aren’t ready for them.

For more gems to improve the overall customer experience, be sure to listen to our chat with Robert on our podcast.

Also, connect with Robert Ducharme on LinkedIn and learn more about Routezilla Software Corp.