The Challenges & Benefits of a Multi-location Marketing Strategy

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Show Notes

In our debut episode, Matt and Elliot do a deep dive into: 

* What is multi-location marketing?

* What differentiates local marketing from multi-location marketing?

* What do marketing and sales professionals who are responsible for performance across various local markets need to know about multi-location marketing?

* What are the benefits for you, your company, your franchisees, and your local reps when you scale local marketing programs across many locations?

Matt Nickols is the CEO of MarketSnare. Elliot Olson is the Sales & Marketing Manager of MarketSnare. As co-hosts of “The Multi-Location Marketing Show,” Matt and Eilliot will share stories that empower marketers to take control of local websites, business listings, reviews, social media, lead nurturing, and digital ads that deliver unrivaled results in each local market.

Also explored in this episode:

* How a company that had hundreds of different websites ended up butchering their brand at the local level.

* The challenges that marketers face trying to market products and services at the local level across various geographic markets.

* How doing multi-location marketing is a completely different universe than national marketing for a single-location brand.

* Why, if you’re operating in, say, 100 markets in the US, you need to customize and personalize how you market. Just think about how customers in Miami, Denver, and Minneapolis often have very different priorities when it comes to your products and services.

* How, with digital marketing and traditional marketing (e.g. direct mail, cable radio, etc.), it’s essential to make content relevant to a local market.

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  • Matthew Nickols
    Matthew Nickols
    Matthew Nickols, Founder and CEO of MarketSnare, is a veteran of the digital marketing industry with more than 25 years experience. As chief strategist and consultant, Matthew has worked with SMBs to Fortune100 companies across multiple industries. For the past decade, his focus has been on increasing effectivity, improving ROI, and maximizing efficiency of multi-location marketing programs.
  • Elliot Olson
    Elliot Olson
    Elliot Olson, our host and a passionate professional for business growth, works with leaders and teams supporting them in local marketing and customer experience. For the past three years he’s helped multi-location marketers navigate the challenges of deploying and managing local marketing programs.