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Request a Strategy Session Call Sales at 855-762-7387

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Building a Foundation for Successful Location-Based Marketing


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In this episode, Matt Nickols (CEO of MarketSnare) and Elliot Olson (Sales & Marketing Manager of MarketSnare) explore various topics related to multi-location marketing, including:
  • The importance of marketing professionals imagining themselves working at various locations around the country. That way, you’ll see the various location-specific marketing needs of your representatives in a multi-location business.
  • When you’re talking with your representatives in Colorado, Texas, or Indiana, ask them location-specific questions that will ensure your local marketing programs are successful.
  • First you need to think about one local market only, and ask, “What do I need to do to dominate this local market?” Then, as you start putting some of those things in place, you should think, “Okay, how do we do this at scale? How do we do this in other locations?”
  • The value of doing marketing intel at the local level. When you do a local web search, who are the top three or four listings in the search results? How are your local competitors positioning themselves?
  • Doing a national customer analysis (e.g buyer personas, core value proposition, etc.), then breaking it all down to the local level. How does the average national customer look, feel, and behave compared to customers in Charlotte, Corpus Christi, and Colorado Springs?
  • The necessity to tailor ads to different markets. For instance, you don't want images of mountains for ads showing in Miami, and you don't want images of palm trees for ads showing in Denver.


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