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Social Media Marketing Tips for Local Businesses


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What is local social media management and why is it important to multi-location businesses? In this episode, Matt Nickols (CEO of MarketSnare), Elliot Olson (Sales & Marketing Manager of MarketSnare), and guest Kevin Mullett (VP of Program Services at MarketSnare) answer that big question.


They also explore:

  • How can a business do local social media at scale?
  • How can a business efficiently use social media to reach local markets?
  • What aspects of paid advertising and organic traffic should a multi-location business pay attention to when conducting social media campaigns?
  • There’s a big difference between using social media to build your brand at the national level than there is using social media for brand awareness at the regional and local levels.
  • Why do consumers often have more inherent trust when it comes to local marketing and local businesses?
  • Facebook studied the effectiveness of local pages versus corporate pages. They found that local pages regularly outperform corporate pages.
  • How can a business use it’s national/corporate marketing assets at the local level?
  • Content and personality are two of the biggest factors when it comes to differentiating local social media versus national/corporate social media.

Thanks to our guest Kevin Mullett.


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