Talking About SEO Tools For Winning Business At #SMX

SMX West Slides - Let's Talk About SEO Tools for Winning BusinessWelcome, #SMX West conference attendees — and those of you who weren't able to attend!
Below is a link to Kevin's slide deck, where he discusses tools for winning business. It is important for agencies and seo practitioners to know how to quickly do micro SEO audits so that you are talking to clients about things that aren't just what the past three SEO companies they have talked to are saying. These same tools can also be utilized by in-house marketers to provide data to the c-suite for justification for strategies and tactics.
Kevin encourages people to carefully vet out these tools for their purposes, workflow, and available budget. In other words, don't just go download or subscribe to them all. And now without further ado, here is Kevin's deck "Let's Talk About SEO Tools for Winning Business."