Adopting a Local Marketing Mindset: Cater to the Locals

Local markets have specific marketing needs that are unique to them alone. This can be exhilarating for a marketer, especially one who likes to rise to the challenge of:

  • Understanding customer behavior in a given local market.

  • Determining KPIs and measuring ROI for various locations.

  • Building brand awareness at the local level.

But if you’re overseeing dozens—or hundreds!—of local markets, the task of customizing your marketing for each one can be extremely daunting. So, what can you do to increase your chances of successfully implementing a multi-location marketing strategy?

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I have two crucial suggestions

1. Know Thy Locations Inside And Out.

My first suggestion, which I talk about in the second episode of our new podcast, is for marketing professionals to imagine themselves working at various locations around the country. This “putting yourself in someone else’s shoes” approach will help you see the various location-specific marketing needs of your representatives in a multi-location business. This is what we call a local marketing mindset.

Think to yourself, “I'm in Denver.” Or, “I’m in San Antonio.” Or, “I’m in Indianapolis.” Then think, “What is the ideal local marketing program for this location so that it can knock its sales targets out of the park?”

The point here is to start seeing your locations not from your perspective, but from the perspectives of those who actually live and work there.

2. Rely On Your Representatives.

Eventually, you’ve got to connect with your colleagues doing the hard work in the locations themselves. Therefore, my second suggestion is to reach out to the main decision-makers in each location.

This does not mean sending a one-time email that BCC’s 100 of your location managers. You won’t get quality responses that way.

You need to get personal. Specifically, consider reaching out to each of them individually to understand what their local marketing challenges are. A good starting place could be to ask questions such as:

  • What is it about your location that is different from others in our company?

  • What region-specific offers, coupons, contests, and promotions do you and your team do?

  • How can I help you with your local website?

  • What local search terms are important for you (but not necessarily other locations)?

  • What local profiles and local reviews (on Yelp, Google Maps, Yellow Pages, etc.) are helping or harming your business?

  • What’s the appropriate radius location targeting we should be doing in Google Ads?

  • What local Facebook ads are your local competitors running?

  • Are there any local hashtags that are relevant to your location?

Learn More.

Effective local marketing strategies don’t just happen. In fact, often marketing professionals reach out to me and my team because their companies have botched them. In short, they went in with best intentions, but didn’t quite capture the local marketing perspective necessary for success. So they came to us.

If you’re interested in learning more about multi-location marketing, check out MarketSnare’s new podcast. In it, along with my co-host Elliot Olson, we talk about how to empower marketers to efficiently scale local marketing programs across many locations through unique centralized tools and services designed for multi-location businesses.