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Offline Marketing Activities for Multi-Location Businesses do to Build their Brands

Offline Marketing Activities for Multi-Location Businesses do to Build their Brands

In a recent episode of our MarketSnare podcast, our guest Tim Flint said, “Go outside of Google.” At that point of our conversation, We were discussing paid traffic versus organic traffic. And Tim, who is principal and strategist at Flint Analytics, was talking about how some businesses foolishly spent 100% of their budget on paid traffic.

That’s when he recommended that marketers, “Go outside of Google,” which relates to not just rely on Google Ads and Google My Business for your marketing campaigns. Talking about building brand awareness, Tim added, “ I don't think it needs to be over 50% of your budget. [But] I think that around 20% of your budget needs to be focused on: How am I building awareness in my market? And there are a lot of cheap ways to do it.”

That got me thinking:

What offline marketing activities can a multi-location business do to successfully build their brand?

Now, we here at MarketSnare are a marketing tech company. And our bread and butter is digital marketing. Yet, don’t get us wrong. We don’t for a second think that a business should only partake in digital marketing. That’s why we’ve compiled the following list of offline marketing ideas that are ideal for multi-location businesses.

1. (Physical) Coupons and (Offline) Loyalty Programs

For many years now, coupons and loyalty programs have been all the rage. But they’re almost always digital/online. To distinguish yourself from competitors, have you considered creating good, ol’ fashion printed coupons for one of your marketing endeavors? Likewise, have you considered creating an offline loyalty program?

2. Cross-Promotions With Other Local Brands

Is there a local brewery or a local gym that you could team up with to promote each other’s goods and services? A little “you scratch my product and I’ll scratch your product” can go a long way.

3. Attending Conventions and Trade Shows

Does your state/region have a convention or trade show related to your particular business? If so, have you been to it?

4. Billboards

Billboards aren’t dead. In 2022, the billboard and outdoor marketing industry is predicted to be worth $8.5B. What could you say about your company/products/service on an ad that’s 14 feet high and 48 feet wide?

5. Sponsoring a Community Event

Surely there’s a social event somewhere in your community that’s looking for a sponsor. What could your company get involved in so that you can have fun and also give back?

6. Offer Free (Offline) Workshops

No, don’t do a digital symposium or a bunch of seminars over Zoom. How about hosting an in-person workshop that relates to your core business? These can be great opportunities to network with potential clients and grow your business.

A marketing strategy isn’t complete without a few offline marketing endeavors. If you’ve experimented with some offline marketing techniques, please reach out to us and let us know what worked and what didn’t.

Lastly, be sure to listen to our “Multi-Location Marketing Show” episode with Tim Flint via our podcast page.


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