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New Guide: What You Need To Know About Local SEO And How To Beat  the Competition

New Guide: What You Need To Know About Local SEO And How To Beat the Competition

Many brands with multiple locations try to beef up their local online presence. Typically this starts with setting up individual web pages and creating Google Business Profiles per location. Unfortunately, this yields little benefit because search engines (and Google) look for key elements when serving up local content to searchers. Fortunately, we are releasing a new guide showing what you need to know about local SEO, how to assess your local store rankings, and where the opportunities are to beat the local competition.

2022-12-06_16-48-48Our insight extends from helping companies succeed in digital marketing for over 20 years. We've learned there is A LOT of misinformation about SEO, with even more confusion surrounding optimizing for local search. There are some critical things to know and implement to be successful in managing search for multiple locations. Use our new guide to discover:  

  • How powerful local reviews are for SEO
  • Why organic traffic is so crucial for multi-location businesses 
  • What you can do to improve your local SEO that will benefit your overall brand 
  • And much more!

Finally! A guide that helps you take strategic steps that get results. Don't just blindly throw money at local ads and content. Learn behind-the-scenes tactics that work! Get our Guide now!

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