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6 Benefits of A Multi-Location Businesses Working With A Virtual Marketing Team

6 Benefits of A Multi-Location Businesses Working With A Virtual Marketing Team

Some companies get their demand generation strategy wrong the first time. Then they rinse and repeat. Then they continue to get it wrong every other time, as well.

That gem comes from Ben Lack, a recent guest on our MarketSnare podcast.

Ben, the founder and CEO of Interrupt Media, a demand generation marketing agency, also talked about the challenges faced by multi-location businesses. He said that many businesses are struggling to figure out the right channels to invest money in that will drive the right kind of leads that convert to business.

In the local space, Ben said, he has found that SEO is an extremely valuable channel to drive leads. Yet great SEO takes a ton of time and effort to invest in. Plus, you have to be very methodical at it in order to be successful.

The problem faced by many multi-location businesses is that their in-house marketers often wear many “hats.” Here are four examples of marketing-related “hats”:

  • They’re generating all of the ideas for ads.

  • They’re creating all of the brilliant branding.

  • They’re figuring out all of the tech.

  • Oh, and they’ve constantly focusing on the bottom line.

This results in an in-house marketing professional’s most precious resource—time—being stretched thin. Plus, they can’t be an expert at every marketing area they’re working in .

That’s when a virtual marketing team can come in, score some easy goals, and—if managed right—can take the marketing for your multi-location business to the next level.

So, with all of that in mind, here are some benefits for multi-location businesses working with a virtual marketing team:

  1. If your in-house marketing specialists are weak in some areas, you can work with virtual team members who are strong in those areas.

  2. Working with a virtual team means you can get to market much faster.

  3. A virtual team can help you make the right decisions because they’re much more experienced in various areas than most in-house marketers will ever be.

  4. Virtual team members will provide outside insight into your multi-location business.

  5. Your employees can focus on the core aspects of your business.

  6. Your company will gain access to the latest marketing technology.

We hope you found this article helpful!

Be sure to connect with Ben Lack on LinkedIn, learn more about Interrupt Media, and of course listen to our entire episode with Ben.

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