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MarketSnare is a unique web solution that helps you amplify your local marketing presence! Use this digital tool to create, manage and localize your brand and marketing through a network of local websites – all using one central interface.
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Why do local websites matter?
Speaking the Local Language
Localizing SEO
Engaging with Social Media
Providing a Hub for Local Marketing
Speaking the Local Language
Selling your product in Boston will require a different approach than it will in Tucson or Seattle! So many factors play into connecting with your customers – culture, climate, economic factors, local loyalties and more! Local websites can tap into these unique factors in a way that connects personally with customers. When it comes to making a decision, people are online using global resources to research… but they continue to want to engage close to home, with organizations they trust.
Localizing SEO
Local websites can contain a combination of geographic terms, local references and keywords that can capture a local market like no other approach can. Localizing your search engine optimization for individual websites brings your company the kind of visibility that isn’t possible with large corporate sites which simply list their outlets on a locator. In short, corporate sites with listings of or pages about their various locations are not nearly as effective as local websites optimized for that market.
Engaging with Social Media
Local businesses have made social media a critical element in their marketing strategies. Sites like Twitter and Facebook give businesses the ability to conversationally engage people, but they’re most impactful when they drive traffic to a local website where the user can further engage. The combined impact of social media and local websites makes a deep connection that can’t be achieved by corporate sites.
Providing a Hub for Local Marketing
Local websites are the perfect focal point for your “hometown” marketing efforts. When TV and radio spots, print ads, billboards and direct mail pieces are tagged with a local website, you have instant credibility and the ability to track the effectiveness of each individual element of your campaign in that market. Driving potential customers to the website of one of your nearby locations gives them the opportunity to learn more about your product and understand the brand’s local connection.
What are the barriers to creating a network of local websites?
Simply put, creating an effective network of local websites costs exponentially more in time and money than most organizations are willing to invest. MarketSnare overcomes the following roadblocks to realizing the benefit of local websites...
>Continually generating unique local contentKeeping website content fresh and relevant on local websites is critical to personalizing the site and assuring effective SEO. The more websites you have, the more challenging it is to create content using traditional methods. 
>Managing technology updates across your networkBeing able to update the technology, security and vital functions of an entire network of websites is daunting. And technology is always changing!  
>Keeping an entire network up-to-dateAccurate, current content is critical to the success of your online marketing, yet keeping up with content updates for an entire network of websites is exhausting, if not impossible.  
>Assuring brand consistencyAs the manager of your brand, you know how frustrating it can be to oversee compliance with brand standards. That job becomes impossibly hard across a network of websites.  
>Coordinating promotions system-wideImplementing company-wide promotions is full of challenges, but it becomes even more difficult when only a portion of your affiliates are participating. There’s virtually no way to coordinate individual promotions across multiple websites. 
>Managing legal complianceIf you’re in insurance or another industry that receives government oversight, compliance with new directives is critical. Ensuring that accurate compliance occurs across a network of websites is a manager’s nightmare.  
>Facilitating effective local SEOMany organizations list their affiliates, members, locations and agents within the corporate website. Those listings lack the SEO impact of a local website, which can cast a wider net through a broad range of search terms and geographic locators.  
How MarketSnare works.
MarketSnare enables any organization that has multiple locations to have individual websites for each of its locales. The solution can be applied just as effectively to a vast network of insurance agents as it can to franchises, dealer networks, network marketing organizations or not-for-profit agencies.
MarketSnare provides multi-location organizations with:
A Network Command Center
Powerful Centralized CMS
Unique Localized SEO
Local Content Updates
Campaign Management
Coordinated Resources
System-wide Updates
Quick Turnkey Solutions
A Network Command Center
With MarketSnare, you can create local websites for your entire network of affiliates, dealers or agents. MarketSnare’s central interface gives you complete oversight and management of the network, including the ability to control branding and content, update product information, disperse promotions and implement technology updates. The control center gives you real-time visibility of the websites in your network, as well as analytics on how they’re performing and where they’re placing in the search engines.
Powerful Centralized CMS
MarketSnare puts you in control of the content and branding on all the websites in your network. Through a single interface, you can publish the same message uniquely and simultaneously to every one of your affiliated websites. No location is left to its own devices, and your message is always consistent, regardless of the level of ability at any individual location. You can even publish content selectively to groups of affiliates based on a variety of criteria.
Unique Localized SEO
MarketSnare optimizes your ability to get found on the internet – both your corporate site and all your affiliated sites across the country. Using proprietary personalization technology, MarketSnare creates unique, relevant content for each location and makes sure that each site is found – and ranks highly – in local market searches.
Local Content Updates
Although branding and corporate content is managed centrally, MarketSnare allows your local affiliates to update their sites with local, relevant content. It is this input that keeps your local sites relevant and interesting… with photos from recent events, updates on important happenings and news about awards or local sponsorships. These local updates personalize the website to the local community and keep the website’s SEO high
Campaign Management
You can effectively manage national, regional or local campaigns among your divergent websites with MarketSnare allowing you to strategically disseminate information only to applicable recipients. MarketSnare makes it easy to target your promotions by any custom grouping of participants as well as each locations product or service offerings. Coordinate campaigns with local marketing and social media for maximum impact and measurability.
Coordinated Resources
MarketSnare is the ideal tool for communicating critical information to all your affiliates, or just to certain groups of them. You can disseminate everything from local and regional ad campaigns and marketing materials to training programs through each participant’s site management portal.
System-wide Updates
With MarketSnare, you get technology updates – including functionality, custom applications, security updates and more – across all your websites. MarketSnare empowers your organization to stay abreast of security updates, protocol changes, social media tools upgrades and other new features as programs evolve.
Quick Turnkey Solutions
MarketSnare is ready to implement whenever you are, complete with hosting, automatic technology updates, network support and training. As more of your affiliates join the network, our U.S.-based support team will seamlessly and quickly deploy new sites for them as well. If you ever have a question, we are always a phone call away.
Case Studies
Thriving after "Web Rehab"
MediLodge Group, named the #1 short-term rehab facility in Michigan by the Detroit Free Press, includes 17 nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Despite the excellence of its care, MediLodge was lacking a strong local online presence in communities where its facilities were located. The effort and complexity of developing an effective web-based solution for each local facility was cost-prohibitive. MediLodge Group was looking for a solution that was cost effective for each location, improved their online image and messaging, enhanced their local search visiblilty, allowed staff at each location to personalize the site to their market and facility, and increase the number of leads generated online. The organization also wanted to have centralized oversight and performance metrics for all its local websites. Learn how MarketSnare exceeded client expectations by delivering exceptional results.
“We have been ecstatic with the results of our website program. In less than a year, we have seen an increase of nearly 250% in new website visitors and our online contact requests have increased from an average of two per week to an average of more than 10 per week. ” — Shea Baker, Administrator at MediLodge of Montrose
Creating a Turnkey Local Website Program for a National Dealer Network
WaterFurnace, the most recognized and respected name in geothermal technology, sought Cirrus ABS' help with its dealer websites and online marketing program. With dealers nationwide, WaterFurnace wanted the ability to provide them with world-class websites that contained consistent and accurate branding, message and product updates, and great local visibility for target keywords across all major search engines…all without relying on the dealers to do any of the work. Learn how MarketSnare met these objective and more.
“To say we're pleased is an understatement. Within 60 days of implementation, the dealer's websites were appearing on the first page of Google for 148 of 182 targeted cities. And 79 of those sites were showing up first in organic search results.” — Tim Litton, Marketing Director at WaterFurnace
Engineering a web resource for chiropractic education and marketing support
Cox Technic, founded by Dr. James Cox, is a globally recognized research-based chiropractic technique taught in all major chiropractic schools and used by thousands of chiropractors across the world today. However, as the network of chiropractors grew, Cox Technic was looking for better ways to effectively support them and provide ways to use their Cox certification as a differentiator in their local markets. Learn how MarketSnare helped Cox Technic innovate their business model, create new revenue streams, and provided turnkey capabilities to their doctors that differentiated them in their market place, generates new patients, and improves patient retention.
“The MarketSnare program has revolutionized how we deliver value to our network of Chiropractors. Our program combines top flight medical research updates, practice support resources, and marketing in a way that was not possible before. I would highly recommend this solution to anyone who has to manage a large network of independent locations.” — Julie Cox-Cid, Program Director, Cox Technic
What's Inside
The MarketSnare Command Center Puts You In Control
The power to manage hundreds or even thousands of independent websites is literally at your fingertips with the MarketSnare Command Center. Your dashboard shows you a high level overview of your performance metrics across all your websites including heat maps, top performing markets, and sites that need a little extra TLC. Your work queues allow you to manage campaigns of promotions and content updates in development and schedule to be released to your network.
The Performance Analytics You’ve Been Dreaming About
The customizable MarketSnare performance dashboard integrates with Google Analytics and our own tools to provide you with an in-depth view of your networks performance both collectively and as individual websites and markets. Metrics include search engine visibility across your network and standard site traffic and site usage data.
Graphical Tools Visually Depict Important Information
Visual tools such as pinpoints and heat maps put you in ‘the catbird seat’ for all your channel marketing activity. See at a glance your entire website network performance, organic search engine coverage, and the performance of all your local marketing campaigns.
View the Real Time Status of Every Site in Your Network
With MarketSnare you can view your entire network at a glance to see that all sites are live, are preparing for launch, or in the rare instance where there is a problem you will know immediately which sites are affected. View detailed metrics for each individual site or have complete access to make changes through the sites content management portal with a single click.
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