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Are you an agency that manages marketing for organizations with multiple representatives and geographic locations? Have you been looking for that tool that can help you gain efficiencies without compromising results? You’ve come to the right place.

At MarketSnare we understand the challenges agencies face in delivering localized marketing programs for customers with hundreds – even thousands – of dealers, agents, or any other organizations, really, that engage in marketing across multiple geographic locations. In today’s digital-driven environment, the complexity of marketing has increased significantly, and the amount of effort required to manage effective local online visibility and marketing campaigns has exploded. That’s why we created the MarketSnare platform. 
Once implemented, MarketSnare is a turnkey, hosted solution that empowers our agency partners to deliver local online visibility and coordinated marketing programs to their clients in powerful new ways.
At the core of our MarketSnare solution is this: when you partner with us, we give you and your clients the ability to centrally manage a network of local websites that can serve as a unique hub for each local marketing campaign. In essence, our platform helps you leverage your expertise and the work you do for your clients so they can apply it to each local entity in their network through advanced content distribution and personalization technologies.
Hub for local marketingFirst, these technologies enable you to create programs tailored to individual members of a channel network according to how you want them grouped or designated. This ensures getting the right information to the right people on a large scale. Then MarketSnare empowers you to …
  • coordinate both online and offline campaigns,
  • accurately measure results for each individual location as well as the collective network, and
  • leverage organic search engine visibility, local websites, directories, and social media in an efficient and effective way.

By automating many of the technical tasks, MarketSnare allows you to focus on delivering powerful creative and marketing strategies to your clients.

Campaign managementUltimately, MarketSnare solutions help you develop consistent recurring business with your clients. They do this through a platform that lets you cost-effectively execute advanced multi-channel campaigns across large networks with measurable results. And that’s what keeps clients coming back for more!

But MarketSnare partners don’t just get an innovative marketing platform. They also get our 10-plus years of experience in helping our partners implement this kind of technology to achieve their local and network-wide marketing goals.  With advanced training, documentation, and implementation support we ensure every partner and its clients the best possible results from each engagement.
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