Sunburst Shutters

Client Profile and Marketing Objectives

Sunburst Shutters is one of the largest shutter brands in America operating in 75 US markets.

Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions is headquartered in Las Vegas but has stores throughout the US. As Google’s focus swung heavily toward local search, Sunburst had a problem. Its site - which is hosted in Las Vegas - was not getting great SEO results in other markets due to its location. Knowing that duplication of website content was the kiss of death, Sunburst knew they needed a strategy that fit Google’s parameters and allowed all stores to see a huge increase in web traffic, conversions and sales. Sunburst local marketing objectives included:

  • Create a network of local website for each market that represented the Sunburst brand and provided a consistent user experience across each local market 
  • Leverage a modern responsive design that showcased the Sunburst Shutter product lines in a visually compelling way to create excitement with local consumers looking at shutters and other window treatments 
  • Allow for regular content updates of products, promotions, and educational content that was localized for the needs and specific details of each location 
  • Manage an effective local SEO program in each market that enabled organic search engine visibility in each local market to provide an increase in local visibility and lead generation 
  • Optimize local PPC spend to lower cost-per-click and improve conversations 
  • Deliver a turnkey solution that didn’t require participation from the local stores to be successful while providing the flexibility for local stores to add to their local website content for unique market capabilities, promotions, portfolio of work, and product offerings
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The MarketSnare Solution

Create a network of consistent, brand focused local websites with high organic visibility and localized digital ad campaigns to maximize ROAS.

Sunburst worked with MarketSnare and MarketSnare agency partner Flint Analytics to develop a local marketing strategy that included a network of local websites for each local store, localized content marketing, and business listings management. Each local website was able to leverage the marketing assets and strong branding of the parent organization to create a consistent brand image and content messaging.

All website content was localized utilizing the proprietary MarketSnare content personalization engines. This approach provided the efficiency needed to create deep localized content on each site that was extremely relevant to each local market allowing each local website to rank well for a wide range of search terms across all the Sunburst Shutters product lines.

A key factor in building local relevance and authority is ensuring that each location has consistent business information (often referred to as “NAP” – name, address, phone number) about that location across various third party business listing sites like Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, and hundreds of other sites. MarketSnare was able to leverage each locations profile to actively manage the local business listings across each location to ensure accurate data across the web. Through a combination of data aggregation and manual listing claims MarketSnare has steadily improved the data accuracy for each location and steadily grown citations in each local market.

Google Ad Words uses an algorithm that measures the quality of each advertisement based on the relevance between the search ad and the web page that consumers are being directed to when they click on the link in the search ad. Sunburst and Flint Analytics leveraged MarketSnare’s landing page features to efficiently create a number of highly targeted local landing pages for each location’s paid search ads to increase the relevance between the ads and the landing page content to improve quality scores, lower cost-per-click, and raise conversion rates.

Furthermore, the MarketSnare platform allowed Sunburst to view the analytic data across all their markets in real time so they could continue to refine the local websites for optimal conversion and content that customers were connecting with. Sunburst was able to add new product lines to the sites, blog posts, and promotions and publish them across all their local websites as if they were managing a single website.

“Launching our new line of barn doors across the all our local market websites was easy. It was published to all the stores’ websites within moments. We’re managing dozens of websites as if they were one. Within weeks we started ranking for barn door related search terms across all our markets.”
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Local Marketing Program Results

Creating synergies between corporate and local websites leads to 300% growth in lead generation.

The implementation of the MarketSnare local marketing program for Sunburst Shutters has been nothing short of revolutionary for the company. Sunburst’s pre-MarketSnare strategy was to utilize a centralized corporate directory to gain visibility in each local market, but this approach simply cannot compete effectively against local competitors that have good websites that are relevant to that single market. The MarketSnare local marketing programs was designed to work with the central corporate website and location directory to develop synergies that improve the results of both approaches.


300% Growth in Lead Generation

overall company lead growth over the first 18 months of the MarketSnare program

local organic web traffic increase
across all local market websites in first 18 months
organic website traffic increase
for corporate website in first 18 months
organic lead growth
company wide from organic search over first 18 months
Cost Per Lead
from $54 per lead to $19 per lead over first 18 months