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Request a Strategy Session Call Sales at 855-762-7387

The best tool to build, scale, and grow marketing programs across many locations.

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MarketSnare allows you to market each of your locations as if it is your only location.


Imagine if you could centrally manage local marketing programs across all your locations with about the same amount of effort as for one location...that would be a game changer! MarketSnare is a local marketing platform that does just that. Multi-location marketers can now overcome the challenges inherent to managing local marketing programs - at scale - across tens, hundreds, or even thousands of locations.

How Mature Is Your SEO Program Across Local Markets?


There are critical things to know and implement to successfully manage local search for multiple locations. Use our new guide to discover them!


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Build a Scalable Local Marketing Program That Works

Choose the products & managed services you need to create the best solution for your brand... each built for the needs of multi-location business with centralized management, localization, and more.


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“Without MarketSnare we would not be able to manage all the elements that contribute to the success of this program at the scale required by Pella. The local marketing programs are doing extremely well with web leads up 35% on average and some markets are over 85% of total goal.”
Dave Miglin
VP of Interactive Services, Strategic America
“Using MarketSnare we were able to implement local marketing programs to increase visibility & conversion while simultaneously augmenting brand cohesion & messaging. Our digital marketing leads have increased by over 300% company wide in the first 18 months of the program and our local lead growth is even higher.”
John Barnes
CMO, Sunburst Shutters
“MarketSnare has enabled us to manage a local marketing program for our agents at a national scale that has been one of our most successful marketing initiatives ever.”
Program Manager
Anthem Local Agent Marketing

Who Sees Results With MarketSnare?

Multi-location Organizations


Parent organizations needing to centrally manage and localize marketing programs, including:

• Corporate Locations
• Dealers / Distributors
• Retail Storefronts
• Agents / Representatives
• Franchises
• Chapters / Branches

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MarketSnare can be deployed as an Agency Solution for digital marketing, web design or other organizations that manage multiple clients on the MarketSnare platform.

Understand Partnering with MarketSnare

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Getting started with MarketSnare is easy

Our Approach

At MarketSnare, we believe that you should be able to easily and efficiently support your local partners AND protect your brand, without compromising on results. Great results at the local starts with a good plan. We are the experts on local-digital marketing, and we love sharing our knowledge with multi-location businesses and seeing the success that a solid local marketing strategy brings.

What to Expect

During our consultation, we'll discuss the markets that your brand serves, your local network, your unique challenges on the local level, and what programs have worked for you in the past. We will then walk you through the MarketSnare solution and share insights from our customers on the successes they've seen in local marketing, revenue growth, partner satisfaction, and time savings.



Our Approach

No two local marketing programs are alike, and we understand that some tactics work better for specific industries, types of local representatives in your network, legal parameters, and differences between local markets. We work with you to build a program that satisfies the needs of your organization AND your local partners, without forcing you into solutions you won't use or don't get results.

What to Expect

We'll walk through our lineup of local marketing solutions to help you design a program that is sure to deliver a return on investment, reduce the time it takes to manage local marketing, and reduce wasted efforts and media dollars. MarketSnare offers multiple pricing and billing models to fit the needs of your organization from local opt-in, pay for service models to performance based approach with no upfront cost we can deliver the perfect solution for you needs and budget.



Our Approach

When it comes to executing the creative and content for your local marketing program, we understand that your team and agency partners are the experts on your brand. Our approach is to rely on your teams brand expertise and leverage the assets that you already have. Our team stands ready to provide whatever guidance you need on how to best apply the localization capabilities of MarketSnare as needed.

What to Expect

We'll assign you a Program Implementation Team to guide you through the configuration process quickly and easily complete with MarketSnare experts in search engine optimization, social media, and digital advertising to ensure your programs are designed to be as effective as possible. There are no limitations to your creativity with MarketSnare. We can implement fully custom creative and we also can provide templates that can be customized to your brand to save time and money.



Our Approach

Its important to us that your organization is confident and excited when your new local marketing program launches - that why we provide detailed MarketSnare platform training, local participant on-boarding assistance, and dedicated support specialists on hand for your big debut. We have successfully launched thousands of local marketing programs so there aren't many situations we aren't prepared to handle.

What to Expect

Once your program is built to your exact specifications, tested, and approved we are ready to roll out your program! We provide complete access to each aspect of your program in staging environments pre-launch, so you and your local representatives can see everything and have complete confidence in the solutions before giving the approval to go live. We can roll out programs all at once, in stages, or whatever works best for your business.



Our Approach

Once your program is live the real marketing excitement begins. You will now have the ability to see how each aspect of your marketing solution is working across all your markets. You can drill down into specific markets or see performance of the overall program. What's even more exciting is you now have the tools to make adjustments and run new campaigns across your entire network as if you were managing a single local market.

What to Expect

Now that your MarketSnare local marketing solution is live, your MarketSnare support team kicks into high gear to help ensure your success. We monitor everything from your program's infrastructure to visibility to ad performance and everything in between. We setup regular meetings with your team to review performance progress, make suggestions, and answer questions. Our technical support team monitors and addresses any issues 24/7 to ensure maximum performance and uptime.



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