Local SEO

MarketSnare exists for two basic reasons:

  1. to put you firmly in control of your brand message as it’s carried across your entire network of partner websites, and
  2. to make sure you’re highly visible and have a strong local presence in each geographic market your partners serve.

How it does the latter is what concerns us here. And it’s how MarketSnare does the latter that makes you locally visible to a degree seldom possible with other multi-channel marketing programs.

In essence, MarketSnare helps you achieve high local visibility by giving you the tools to personalize content and effectively manage search engine optimization (SEO) for every partner website in your network.

High local visibility is important because it connects you more intimately to a larger portion of your target audience. That, in turn, helps each of your partners – and you! – attract more customers, build brand loyalty, and boost sales!

You don’t want to leave this in your partners’ hands alone. They’re likely not skilled marketers. Chances are they don’t know much, if anything, about SEO, local or otherwise. Nor are they likely to be as careful as you are about maintaining your brand image and messaging. They’ve got other, more immediate concerns.

You don’t want to do what so many other online marketers do, either. They place “dealer locator” pages on their corporate websites hoping that will give them a presence in their local markets. It doesn’t. And how could it, when it just drives traffic to their national web page? Without a local site to “speak the local language” for them, they may as well be marketing to people on the moon!

Another way marketers try to raise local visibility is by populating their corporate websites with separate landing pages specific to each local partner. That beats a dealer locator page. The trouble is, the content on such landing pages is often too thin to support conversion, even if the search engines pick up on it.

All this brings us back to MarketSnare. It offers you a much easier and far more effective way to achieve the visibility necessary to capture local opportunity. With MarketSnare …

  • you can give your local partners whatever flexibility you think advisable for them to provide their  own, uniquely localized content: content that speaks to their individual markets;
  • you can use our unique personalization engine to differentiate each partner’s website from the others and thus strengthen each partner’s online visibility; and
  • you can still push a consistent brand message to every partner website in your network.

MarketSnare provides the solid technology platform that makes this possible. There really is no other toolset quite like it for aggressively pursuing local SEO, anchoring both your inbound and outbound marketing, and facilitating your social networking activities to boot! That’s the key to visibility in every market.

Request a demo! Let us show you how the MarketSnare solution can help your organization generate more local visits, leads, and customers.


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