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We understand how challenging it is to manage your brand across your network of healthcare campuses. No doubt each campus does a superb job of attending to the needs of its clientele. What you should ask, though, is: “How much does each campus contribute to our corporate brand image through its marketing?” If you’re like many healthcare providers, the answer is, “Not as much as we’d like.” That’s because too many providers’ campuses have either no website or a website they’ve produced themselves without any direct corporate influence. If that describes your situation – or you feel your campus websites could use some improvement in any event – we have the solution: a local healthcare website for each campus, which you can influence solely or with some measure of campus participation, as you permit.

What makes this crucial is that today’s consumers, to the tune of nearly 97%, search the web for products and services available in their local market. If your campuses don’t have individual websites or sites that attract attention, they aren’t getting found by local consumers who could avail themselves of your healthcare services!

Local healthcare websites give you a presence in each of your local markets. They also complement any other marketing techniques you may be using to reach consumers, including local or national marketing campaigns and referrals. To make this work, however, you must have healthcare websites that help you and your campuses …

  • Speak like the locals.
    Healthcare needs are pretty much alike wherever you go. But different communities have different ways of addressing these needs and speaking about them. What hits home with people in Denver may  have no impact whatsoever in Wausau! Local sensibilities are affected by everything from climate to economic conditions. You need to take those sensibilities into account if you hope to talk with local prospects in a uniquely personal and convincing way. Yes, the web does foster a global community. But people still prefer using it to search for local organizations with whom they can do business. A local online marketing approach involving each of your campuses can help you connect.

  • Provide a hub for local marketing.
    If you do any national or regional marketing, it pays to tie it in with local online marketing efforts. Directing prospects back to one of your local healthcare websites in your radio and TV spots, print ads, billboards, and direct mailers confers instant credibility on you and each individual campus you operate. This approach also makes it possible for you to track just how effective your campaign elements are in each campus’s market. Prospects are shown a direct path to your services, too, and can see your brand in a localized context.

  • Localize SEO.
    To achieve greater visibility you need to personalize and optimize your local healthcare websites. That means making sure the content of each is ripe with local geographic terms as well as references to local customs, culture, and activities.  Doing so will give your entire organization far more local search visibility than if you just did the conventional thing and listed your individual healthcare campuses on your corporate website.

  • Connect with social media for local businesses.
    Here’s an instance when following convention makes sense: add serious social media activity to your marketing efforts as so many other companies are doing nowadays. Sure, you can set this up on your corporate website through venues like Facebook and Twitter. But local social media marketing, which drives traffic back to your local healthcare websites, will give your campuses even more of a boost in visibility. It’s an approach that significantly broadens the opportunity for personal dialogue in every market you serve. No corporate website alone can accomplish that.

MarketSnare lets you do it all!

With MarketSnare you have a way to control every local healthcare provider website in your network of campuses from one central hub. This is, in essence, a turnkey content management system that lets you quickly, easily, and economically …

  • maintain the consistency of your organization’s brand message across every market, and
  • update information on every one of your healthcare campus’s activities and services at the same time.

Though you are the primary “keeper of the keys,” each healthcare campus in your network can be given some control of its own local content, as you see fit. Allowing each campus to add such things as photos, descriptions of services specific to a campus, local news, and campus activity updates can really boost local search engine rankings. Each of your campuses will be found by local people looking for the healthcare services you provide!

Rest assured, your MarketSnare websites will be professionally designed and managed, locally customizable, and very economical. To discover more of what this program can do for your healthcare campus network, contact MarketSnare today.

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