One Command Center for Multi-Site Management

SoLoMo-ready! Simple to use! As powerful as you need it to be!

Serious about getting found in your local markets? Dealer locator pages on corporate websites don’t cut it. Nor do sites prepared independently by local partners who aren’t always mindful of your brand message. What CMOs and marketing managers like you need is a solution that puts you in charge. That’s MarketSnare. It lets you create and manage hundreds – even thousands! – of local partner websites from one central command center! Social, local, and mobile capabilities are built in. Result? High search visibility, a consistent brand message, and more opportunities for conversion. MarketSnare makes it easier than you might think!

Personalized Websites That Speak the Local Language

SEO for greater local market visibility!

Personalized content with locally relevant search terms is just the ticket to high visibility in each of your local markets. But how do you achieve that and still keep your brand message consistent across your entire partner network? With MarketSnare! It gives you the tools to craft your basic message then personalize it quickly and easily for the various markets you serve. It also lets you determine which content is optional and which is mandatory for each partner, depending on what best helps you capture local visibility – and opportunity!

Centralized Content Control with Local Flexibility

Getting the right content to the right audience easily!

With MarketSnare, you control what content your local partner websites receive and when they receive it. You even have the ability to push campaign- or product-specific content to segmented groups of partners. All this helps ensure brand consistency network-wide. But you also need local visibility in each of your markets. To help with that, MarketSnare lets you set what content is mandatory or optional for each partner and just how much of its own content each partner can contribute from its own satellite dashboard. This central control with local flexibility can really help you connect with local audiences!

Product Accuracy without the Anxiety

Efficiently pushing content, not your partners’ buttons!

Just because you’ve sent the latest product information update to your partners doesn’t mean they have the time or resources to post it on their digital channels. The problem is compounded by the difficulty CMOs often have getting network-wide updates out expeditiously in the first place. That’s where MarketSnare’s central command center really makes a difference! It lets you push relevant product updates to all or select partner websites at the same time with the touch of a button! Your brand message stays current. Your partners are off the hook. And you don’t have to keep hounding them!

Network-wide and Partner-specific Monitoring

A big-picture view of your KPIs for maximum ROI!

CMOs who oversee a network of local partner websites need to be kept apprised of key performance indicators (KPIs) and how they affect their company’s return on investment. Your MarketSnare command center gives you ready access to all the relevant KPIs for your program. You can dive into the weeds of each partner’s individual performance or aim for the sky and a global program overview. From either perspective, you’ll always have the data you need to make mid-course corrections, should they be necessary. MarketSnare also simplifies the reporting process to help you keep your C-suite stakeholders in the loop!

Control of Brand Consistency

Taking charge of your image network-wide!

You have little or no control over websites your local partners might prepare for themselves. But with MarketSnare you give your partners local websites that put the consistent representation of your brand firmly in your grasp! Most of your partners aren’t likely to be writers, art directors, or designers anyway. And their priorities aren’t likely to encompass worrying about such things as, say, the proper use of your corporate font or color scheme! You can, if you choose, opt to give them some measure of local site control. Just remember: from program start to participant rollout, MarketSnare makes you the master of your brand!

A Marketing Resource Center

Easily accessible by everyone in your program!

In the time it takes your partners to call you or draft an email request and send if off, they themselves could have gotten the collateral or marketing material they need from your MarketSnare Resource Center! We make sure everyone in your program can get to it. That means your partners will have no excuse for not having what’s essential. And you’ll know they have it. No more wasting time fielding questions and hunting down answers. You’re freed up to concentrate on providing new and ever better marketing materials … to ensure that your Resource Center is always up to date!

Syndicated Marketing Support

Nudging partners and monitoring their compliance!

What do you do if your partners aren’t well trained in marketing, don’t know the latest techniques, and end up missing opportunities? You could speak to them individually. But that takes time. You could send out newsletters or emails. But those often go ignored. And you know how costly and difficult it is to set up training sessions or conferences! With MarketSnare you get syndicated marketing support that lets you, a) drip-feed nuggets of marketing tips to your partners that they can act upon immediately or, b) send tasks out network-wide or to individual partners who need nudging in order to meet program compliance standards and achieve online success.

A Customizable Local Marketing Platform

Designed specifically with conversion in mind!

As a MarketSnare client, you can opt for us to custom-design your partner website template choices, choose from a range of pre-existing templates we’ve created, or provide us with your own template designs, which we’ll integrate into our system. Then each partner’s choice of template can be personalized by you or the partner – with unique headers, color schemes, graphics, photos, localized content, and conversion-specific web applications. In every instance, you’ll know you have websites geared to accommodate your business processes and your goals!

Quick Turnkey Partner-Site Deployment

Backed by our experience and proven capabilities!

Normally, building a custom multi-site web program from the ground up takes time. And oodles of money! There’s a learning curve to cope with, too, as CMOs try to acclimate their program vendor to their business needs. MarketSnare changes all that! For starters, its proven technology and techniques simplify the process. That helps make it eminently affordable. It also allows for speedy, efficient participant signup and rollout. Other program developers may tell you they can do this. We’ll show you how we’ve done it time and again … and how that helps you!

Enterprise-Level Solutions

Everything you and your partners need for online success!

We get it. You don’t want to worry about the “mechanics.” You don’t have the time or inclination to upgrade multiple websites from the back end for security purposes or feature implementation. You just want a program that works smoothly and doesn’t require you to babysit its every aspect. What you want is MarketSnare! This is truly a complete enterprise-level program. It provides the hosting. It covers all your security needs. It’s scalable and extensible to grow with you as you grow and provide the features that keep your sites both relevant and visible. And it’s fully backed with U.S.-based on-call support!

Other companies offering roughly similar solutions think they have a bead on how we do all this. They don’t. What we’ve described here only scratches the surface of MarketSnare’s capabilities and techniques. We’ve kept a few secrets reserved for clients alone. After all, much of MarketSnare’s “inner workings” are unique and proprietary. If you’d like to learn more about them and avail yourself of their benefits,  contact MarketSnare.


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