Email Campaign Development

Email Campaign DevelopmentNothing helps you achieve local visibility in all of your markets quite like well-targeted email campaigns that include local geographic, social, and cultural references. If you could use some help with this, our email campaign development specialists can work with you to …

  • make sure you’re targeting different, appropriate groups of recipients in each market as defined by your overall channel marketing strategy,
  • get your message out quickly,
  • track responses to each campaign across every market,
  • analyze campaign results in real time, and thus
  • give you a better feel for your actual return on investment.

If you do engage us for help, you’ll determine the length of our engagement and precisely what kind of help we’ll provide. Our email campaign development capabilities include …

  • segmenting targeted recipients and sending a unique, personalized message to each, based on his or her profile information,
  • building and managing “permission” email lists,
  • delivering your message quickly to help you take advantage of time-sensitive local opportunities,
  • creating and distributing localized enewsletters (HTML and text), announcements, and promotions for recipients in each of your markets, and
  • readily surveying email recipients to get direct feedback from them.

With our email campaign development assistance you have one more excellent opportunity to build or reinforce your brand identity – and your credibility – across your entire local market network. Contact MarketSnare to see just how we can help you accomplish this.

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