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Have you wanted your local insurance agents to do more of their own online marketing but worried about their ability to stay compliant? MarketSnare can set that worry to rest. And a few others, too!

First of all, MarketSnare lets you give all of your agents an affordable, high-quality website that won’t burden them with making administrative changes and updates themselves. From your central MarketSnare command center, you have the authority and ability to …

  • manage information about your insurance products and services across your entire network of agents,
  • get timely, accurate, and compliant content updates to every agent website all at once or to select websites at the push of a button,
  • personalize each agent website’s content with locally relevant information and search terms that localize SEO, keeping you highly visible in each of your markets,
  • determine how much local control you want to give your agents to personalize their own sites and share what makes them a trusted source for insurance-related services in their respective communites, and
  • measure the success of your marketing efforts at the agent level as well as network-wide.

You’ll be impressed – and relieved! – by how easy MarketSnare makes it to do all this. Think of it: you get better control of your brand message, your compliance concerns, and your sales results. And your agents get more local visibility as well as more time to meet with prospects and write new business.

Request a demo! Let us show you how the MarketSnare solution can help your organization generate more local visits, leads, and customers.

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