Empower your network of franchises with turnkey local online marketing.

Your franchises are the heart and soul of your business. They do more than represent you; they define you in cities and towns across America (and beyond?). You count on them to connect with local customers, and your sales figures show they do that admirably. The question is, how good are they at the kind of marketing that helps you expand your product offerings and your customer base in every market? What you could use is an effective network of franchise websites.

Such websites would allow you to tap into that nearly 97% block of consumers using the web to search for local products and services. If your franchises don’t have individual local websites, you can bet they’re not getting found by local consumers who don’t know you but are seriously looking for what you offer!

With a network of franchise websites you and your franchises will find it much easier to …

  • Speak the language of the locals.
    What sells your product or service in San Diego may not win you any converts in Concord! You need a local online marketing approach that takes into account such factors as local expressions, culture, climate, economic conditions, and loyalties. Yes, Google, for instance, knows from where a search is being conducted even if the location isn’t specified. Still, a franchise website that addresses local issues in the local vernacular does a much better job of engaging local residents personally than a site with little or no local relevance. And the fact remains that, while consumers use the web for global searches, they still prefer buying from companies in their own neighborhood.

  • Provide a hub for local franchise marketing.
    However wide your franchise network – national or global – it’s absolutely essential to your continued success that you tie your local franchises into your corporate marketing efforts. When you do this by tagging your radio and TV spots, print ads, billboards, and direct mailers with a local franchise’s website address, you accomplish two things: you reinforce your local presence in each market you serve … and you drive traffic to your local franchise websites, where the impact of your marketing can be tracked and measured. Consumers like the local connection, too. You’re giving them another opportunity to learn more about you and establish that crucial local bond.

  • Localize SEO.
    Again: the origin of a search is recognized by Google even when a location isn’t specified. But if you’re serious about capturing a local market, your best bet is to have a local franchise website loaded (sensibly!) with local geographic terms and other such references. Local SEO marketing personalizes and optimizes a website for local search visibility. In the end, it will make your entire organization far more visible than if you were simply to list all of your franchise locations on your corporate website.

  • Put local social media to work for you.
    Social media participation is all the rage these days. But it’s clearly no fad. That’s why so many businesses, large and small, have made social media a significant part of their marketing strategies. You definitely want to connect with customers and prospects through sites like Facebook and Twitter on your corporate website. But local social media marketing, where you drive traffic back to your individual local franchise websites, broadens the opportunities for conversation with your customers. It bolsters your local presence, too, and helps customers relate to you on a far more personal level.

MarketSnare is just the ticket!

As we’ve said, you need a network of local franchise websites. But you also need a quick, easy, and economical way to manage it. MarketSnare lets you do just that from one centralized location. It’s a content management system hub from which you can …

  • exercise network-wide control of your brand standards,
  • keep product information continually and accurately updated, and
  • ensure the consistency of your message across every franchise website.

At the same time, you can give each franchise as much control of its own website’s content as you think advisable. Giving them some latitude here – letting them add their own photos, franchise news, activity updates, local promotions, and the like – deepens the local connection and leads to higher local search engine rankings.

In essence, then, MarketSnare gives you and your dealers local business websites that are …

  • professionally designed and managed,
  • locally customizable, and
  • very economical.

Discover for yourself what a professionally designed and managed, locally customizable, and very economical MarketSnare solution can do for you and your franchise network. Contact MarketSnare today. We’ve got some great things to show you!

Request a demo! Let us show you how the MarketSnare solution can help your organization generate more local visits, leads, and customers.


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