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Generate business through local agent websites.

Insurance Agents, Real Estate Agents, and Travel Agents are the lifeblood of their respective businesses.

Whatever your business, your agents are out there in the trenches, connecting with your customers in every geographic area you serve. You know they know how to sell your product and deliver great customer service. But how good are they at marketing – at promoting your brand, fostering customer loyalty, and broadening your base? The fact is, they’d be a lot better at it if you were to initiate a program of individual agent websites.

Most of today’s consumers – about 97% of them – use the web to research products and services in their local areas, according to a recent study. Unless you have a network of local agent websites, your agents aren’t getting found in their respective areas by customers looking for what you offer.

With their own individual websites, you’ll help your agents and yourself ...

  • Talk like a local.
    That’s a top reason why local Internet marketing matters. It shows consumers that your agents belong in their respective communities because your agents speak the local language and address local concerns. After all, what works to sell your product in Miami might not earn you a penny in Minneapolis! A local Internet marketing approach ties you into the culture, economy, and social fabric of every market you serve. It helps you build local brand recognition and loyalty. And it gives each of your agents an opportunity to discuss your products directly, personally with their local audience. While it’s true that consumers search for products globally, it’s also true that they prefer purchasing products locally whenever they can. A local agent website taps into that desire.

  • Set up a hub for local marketing.
    “Hometown” agent websites provide excellent support for your national and regional marketing campaigns. By tagging an agent’s local website onto your TV and radio spots, print ads, billboards, and direct mailers, you help create instant local credibility for yourself and that agent. Not only that, but you also get to track the effectiveness of your campaigns in each agent’s market. Why? Because you’re constantly driving traffic back to your dealers, where prospects can learn more about your product, your brand, and your local relevance.

  • Benefit from local SEO strategies.
    An agent website that’s locally optimized will contain a significantly greater number of target keywords for that market. Those keywords will include geographic qualifiers that prove to generate higher search-engine rankings. In turn, those rankings will translate into traffic that’s not only heavier but also more relevant. You’ll get more leads for each market you serve, too. In short, personalizing your individual agent websites optimizes your local search visibility. And it does so far more effectively than simply putting a locator page with a list of your agents on your corporate website.

  • Engage with local social media.
    Making local social media a big part of your marketing strategy is a sure-fire way of connecting with your audience and personalizing your customer engagement. Sure, you want Facebook, Twitter, and other such connections on your corporate website. You’ll do better, though, by using local social media channels as well to drive people to your local agents’ websites. This widens the discussion between you and your base and helps keep you top of mind in every market.

MarketSnare is the solution you need!

A truly revolutionary online marketing platform, MarketSnare is designed to help businesses like yours manage their brand across their entire network of local agent websites. It lets them do this from one central content distribution interface, too. Result? You have a turnkey solution to a common challenge: how to update information quickly, on a regular basis, and enforce brand consistency throughout your agent network.

In helping you do this, MarketSnare also lets each agent place content on his or her website – to give it that much-desired local feel. Such things as local agent news, photos of local offices, and upcoming local event notices regularly updated help produce high local search engine rankings. And that means each of your agents will be found in their market!

With MarketSnare, your agents get the benefit of location-specific, corporate-directed marketing programs that sell your product nationwide in a consistent, manageable, professionally designed, customizable, and economical way. Contact MarketSnare. We’d love to show you just how this program will work for your agent network.


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