Program-Wide Analytics

We’re confident you’ll love MarketSnare for how efficient and effective a marketing tool it is. But here’s something else we think you’ll love about it: it also provides program-wide analytics to show how well your local partner websites are contributing to your success. That, after all, is what you need to steer your multi-channel marketing ship confidently. With MarketSnare, you’ll know you’re on course … or where to make corrections.

Equally impressive, MarketSnare gives you easy access to your analytics. They’re right there on your command center’s analytics dashboard. It shows data from Google Analytics and other sources relative to your entire network of local partner websites. And what it doesn’t show directly it can lead you to. Take leads, for example. Do you know how many leads each of your partners is generating? Use your dashboard to find out.

You’ve just gotten the far-horizon, oceanic view of your marketing performance!

If you want, though, you can turn submarine and use Google Analytics to dive for a deeper look at the performance of each individual partner site.

How, then, do you report on what your analytics reveal? MarketSnare lets you create reports directly from your dashboard. That simplifies and speeds up the process of keeping your C-Suite stakeholders informed. Note also that with Google Analytics you can even prepare custom reports that deal with specific partner performance metrics, such as when people are visiting a website, where they’re coming from, and if they’re first-time visitors.

Ultimately, you get the data you need to make timely marketing decisions based on what’s working and what isn’t at the partner and the network level. You won’t have to spend hours aggregating data from hundreds or thousands of sources, either. MarketSnare does it for you!

Request a demo! Let us show you how the MarketSnare solution can help your organization generate more local visits, leads, and customers.

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