Partner Participation Signup

MarketSnare partner participation signup can work one of two ways. You can sign partners up yourself. Or we can sign them up for you.

If you sign them up, you’ll provide us with each partner’s necessary information. We’ll build the websites. Then we’ll send you or your partners the credentials that allow them to access their sites.

If we sign them up, we’ll make it possible for partners to call in, or we’ll direct them to a web-based signup form that accommodates your program parameters.

Either scenario applies whether you have a controlled network requiring every partner to participate or you offer some form of opt-in, be it entirely voluntary, with co-op provisions, or with other kinds of incentives.

Rest assured, we’ll help you develop the right signup solution for each type of program. And we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that your program achieves maximum participation and return.

Once we’ve developed the program to your specifications, we’ll handle turnkey multi-site rollout, too.

Of course, MarketSnare offers all kinds of options to facilitate effective online marketing.

Request a demo! Let us show you how the MarketSnare solution can help your organization generate more local visits, leads, and customers.


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