The Marketing & Technology Innovation Firm Behind MarketSnare

MarketSnare is a brand of Cirrus ABS Corporation, the “ABS” signifying “Advanced Business Solutions.” Founded in 1995, Cirrus ABS has been helping businesses use the Internet intelligently to capture new opportunities.

MarketSnare is actually one of several innovative and award-winning technology platform solutions Cirrus ABS has created. While MarketSnare’s business and technology operations are at Cirrus ABS corporate headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana, its business development offices are in Chicago.

We’ve served thousands of U.S. clients over the years, from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. Today we’re recognized nationwide as a premier technology and marketing solutions firm. Our approach is unique. We meld our extensive experience in software, mobile, and web application development with innovative creative and technology-based marketing strategy to produce cutting-edge tech platforms and programs.

There are four key aspects of our business that set us apart and help us take our clients and partners to the next level:

Our ProcessesStrategy development

NetCentered strategic planning, our own proven process, is what sets the foundation for our products and ensures our clients of achieving the best results. We continually take in feedback from all stakeholders. Listening carefully as they describe their ever-evolving challenges and needs enables us to prioritize our development efforts and innovate at a pace that keeps them in the lead. Staying agile and process-driven helps us, too: we’re always on top of Internet, social, mobile, and other technologies, no matter how much quicker they continue to develop.

Web application developmentOur Platforms

“Innovation” is our middle name! That’s evident in the advanced technology platforms Cirrus ABS develops. These platforms are the foundation upon which we build more-complex web-based marketing solutions. And they let us do it with greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Our approachOur Approach

We’re able, as our clients wish, to partner with their existing teams or vendors, filling in gaps in their expertise or resources to meet a particular project’s demands. You’ll find our experts as flexible as they are versatile, too. They can move in and out of a process or project as needed, providing the right resources at the right time to keep projects moving toward completion.

Our peopleOur People

The professionals who make up our team are specialists in a variety of tasks, from high-level strategizing to execution. They’ll help you implement our advanced marketing platforms and provide the supplemental professional services you need to ensure that your program produces optimal results.

To learn more about Cirrus ABS, please visit our corporate website at And be sure to follow us on @cirrusabs on Twitter | CirrusABS on Facebook.

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