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Orchestrating content from local branches of your organization doesn't have to be a complicated production, here are some suggestions as to how you can get it done without sinking lots of time into the process.

Ideas for Marketers Developing Relevant Local Content for Multi-Location Businesses

Relevant local content is one of the most challenging types of content to write, whether you’re a family-owned single-location business or a multi-national corporation with physical locations all around the globe. The sad truth is that our experience with this challenge reveals it to be more of a resource challenge than a content challenge. Continue reading

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Agencies trying to depict several communities on individual local websites may have trouble finding suitable images. Some tips on how economic developers and tourism professionals can help provide direction.

An Easy Way Communities Can Empower Agencies to Tell Their Story

When agencies and customers we work with bring innovative ideas to the table, it makes me so happy. We’re always looking for sharp, new ways that our clients can use MarketSnare to deliver a truly localized experience for their visitors. What frustrates me is when they have a great idea but it is difficult to execute.

One recent project involved an agency with a customer who wanted to set up a network of local websites Continue reading

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