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Organic vs. PPC: A False Choice For Local Visibility

Multiple studies and surveys have shown that going after high search-engine visibility is one the most effective things a business can do to connect with qualified, motivated prospects and achieve its marketing goals. But how do you make sure your business is maximizing your search-engine visibility strategy? Continue reading

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How Multi-Location Marketers Can Exceed Their 2014 Objectives

As we roll into March with the craziness of the start of a new year well in our rearview mirror, the majority of us marketing professionals are busy working on how to meet our business objectives for 2014.

We always start out the year with high hopes and aspirations. But many times we end up falling into the same familiar strategies and tactics that may get us an incremental increase in our results, but not necessarily the game-changing improvements we would love to see.

Continue reading

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What Is a Content Opportunity Report, and Why Should It Precede an Editorial Calendar?

Over the past several years much has been said and written on the subject of editorial calendars. But few people have specifically addressed methodologies for taking inventory of valuable opportunities, which should precede the creation of such calendars. I want to introduce you to something I call a Content Opportunity Report, or COR. Continue reading

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eSurance used effective strategy to drive the most value from a less-than optimal Super Bowl ad timeslot

Drive Value Through Strategic Thinking About Super Bowl Advertisements

The Super Bowl itself may not have been much fun to watch, particularly if you were pulling for the Denver Broncos. That said, I love watching it not just for the game but also to see what ideas creative marketers come up with to convince you to do something.

For me, the clear winner of the night was an advertisement that many may not have seen but have heard about since it aired. This ad was for eSurance and featured spokesman John Krasinski. Continue reading


Why Aren’t I Number One Yet for Local SERPs?

We live in a world that is accustomed to – and spoiled by – instant gratification. We don’t wait 3 weeks to receive things from a catalogs anymore, we can communicate with almost anyone instantly from almost anywhere we are, and when we pay for an ad we expect to see it show up at a predetermined time. I get it. Unfortunately, that is not how SEO works, and this expectation of immediacy invariably leads to the question…”Why isn’t my website number one on Google yet?” Continue reading

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Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi star in a sequel to their original Turkish Airways ad, but this ad is something special.

Solid Strategy Produces Great Advertisements

In a past Cirrus ABS blog, I wrote about the effectiveness of the Dollar Shave Club YouTube advertisement in the context of leveraging an effective strategy. Their campaign has been so successful that they’ve been able to air an abridged version of the YouTube video on commercial television and have expanded into new product lines.

That ad came to mind immediately when I viewed this Turkish Airlines advertisement featuring basketball player Kobe Bryant and soccer player Lionel Messi Continue reading

The server room may not be a place many marketers look for tools to implement marketing strategy, but your information technology department can be very helpful when it comes to solving challenges.

How to Connect your Information Technology Resources with Your Marketing Effort

Information technology assets are part of every organization but are often under-utilized. These assets include critical information about your customers, their preferences, and – what’s most important – their purchasing habits. Understanding your customer profile and using it to market to those customers who fit it can have a lasting impact on your marketing efforts and add value to information you already own.

There are many reasons for the disconnect between an organization’s information technology and marketing teams. In many cases the marketing and IT functions are managed under completely separate chains of command. Also, marketers aren’t always familiar enough with the capabilities of their firms’ information technology assets, and information technology teams don’t often have a clear understanding of what information the marketing team finds valuable.

Does this sound like your organization? You’re not alone! Continue reading

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