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Orchestrating content from local branches of your organization doesn't have to be a complicated production, here are some suggestions as to how you can get it done without sinking lots of time into the process.

Ideas for Marketers Developing Relevant Local Content for Multi-Location Businesses

Relevant local content is one of the most challenging types of content to write, whether you’re a family-owned single-location business or a multi-national corporation with physical locations all around the globe. The sad truth is that our experience with this challenge reveals it to be more of a resource challenge than a content challenge. Continue reading

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SEO Tips Visualized: Quality + Relevance + Context

Local SEO Tips: Quality Content Without Context And Relevance Will Fail

The days of flippantly regurgitating Google’s “just write great content” mantra should be long behind us. Local visibility and search success require context and relevance in addition to quality. Quality alone is not enough, and to say it is grossly understates how search engines rank content, especially when a search query has geo-specific “market area” intent.

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Use our Content Opportunity Report to Discover Content Opportunities Within Your Organization

Discovering New Content One Opportunity at a Time

Kevin Mullett revealed our Content Opportunity Report to the world to rave reviews not too long ago. Simply put, this report offers a way to evaluate opportunities for generating content across one or multiple marketing channels. It is an excellent planning tool that empowers chief marketing officers as well as other marketing and communications professionals to think through how they can achieve their content objectives before actually trying to assemble an editorial calendar.

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How Multi-Location Marketers Can Exceed Their 2014 Objectives

As we roll into March with the craziness of the start of a new year well in our rearview mirror, the majority of us marketing professionals are busy working on how to meet our business objectives for 2014.

We always start out the year with high hopes and aspirations. But many times we end up falling into the same familiar strategies and tactics that may get us an incremental increase in our results, but not necessarily the game-changing improvements we would love to see.

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What Is a Content Opportunity Report, and Why Should It Precede an Editorial Calendar?

Over the past several years much has been said and written on the subject of editorial calendars. But few people have specifically addressed methodologies for taking inventory of valuable opportunities, which should precede the creation of such calendars. I want to introduce you to something I call a Content Opportunity Report, or COR. Continue reading

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