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Orchestrating content from local branches of your organization doesn't have to be a complicated production, here are some suggestions as to how you can get it done without sinking lots of time into the process.

Ideas for Marketers Developing Relevant Local Content for Multi-Location Businesses

Relevant local content is one of the most challenging types of content to write, whether you’re a family-owned single-location business or a multi-national corporation with physical locations all around the globe. The sad truth is that our experience with this challenge reveals it to be more of a resource challenge than a content challenge. Continue reading

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Agencies trying to depict several communities on individual local websites may have trouble finding suitable images. Some tips on how economic developers and tourism professionals can help provide direction.

An Easy Way Communities Can Empower Agencies to Tell Their Story

When agencies and customers we work with bring innovative ideas to the table, it makes me so happy. We’re always looking for sharp, new ways that our clients can use MarketSnare to deliver a truly localized experience for their visitors. What frustrates me is when they have a great idea but it is difficult to execute.

One recent project involved an agency with a customer who wanted to set up a network of local websites Continue reading

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Use our Content Opportunity Report to Discover Content Opportunities Within Your Organization

Discovering New Content One Opportunity at a Time

Kevin Mullett revealed our Content Opportunity Report to the world to rave reviews not too long ago. Simply put, this report offers a way to evaluate opportunities for generating content across one or multiple marketing channels. It is an excellent planning tool that empowers chief marketing officers as well as other marketing and communications professionals to think through how they can achieve their content objectives before actually trying to assemble an editorial calendar.

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eSurance used effective strategy to drive the most value from a less-than optimal Super Bowl ad timeslot

Drive Value Through Strategic Thinking About Super Bowl Advertisements

The Super Bowl itself may not have been much fun to watch, particularly if you were pulling for the Denver Broncos. That said, I love watching it not just for the game but also to see what ideas creative marketers come up with to convince you to do something.

For me, the clear winner of the night was an advertisement that many may not have seen but have heard about since it aired. This ad was for eSurance and featured spokesman John Krasinski. Continue reading

The news travels fast - Google's Hummingbird update has a big impact on local search.

A Little Birdie Told Me that Hummingbird Values Content for Local SEO

As we get the new year started, you may be trying to sort through how search algorithm changes like Google’s Hummingbird update have affected your website’s online visibility. You may be reviewing your online visibility data or website analytics from the past year and trying to evaluate what you need to do in 2014 to keep your online properties visible and relevant for your customers.

David Mihm is the authority at Moz when it comes to local search ranking factors. Mihm took some time to look at how the Hummingbird update impacted local search visibility. I suggest you take the time to read his entire post, but one of his key takeaways Continue reading

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Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi star in a sequel to their original Turkish Airways ad, but this ad is something special.

Solid Strategy Produces Great Advertisements

In a past Cirrus ABS blog, I wrote about the effectiveness of the Dollar Shave Club YouTube advertisement in the context of leveraging an effective strategy. Their campaign has been so successful that they’ve been able to air an abridged version of the YouTube video on commercial television and have expanded into new product lines.

That ad came to mind immediately when I viewed this Turkish Airlines advertisement featuring basketball player Kobe Bryant and soccer player Lionel Messi Continue reading

Edward Norton tries to educate "students" about Halloween safety in spite of disruptoins from a loud but misinformed student.

Loud or Confident Marketers Aren’t Usually Authoritative

Psychologically, we tend to reward loud people and people who are confident whether they have a strong record of having their facts right or not. If you watched Saturday Night Live over the weekend, you no doubt saw the skit where a police officer played by host Edward Norton experienced this frustration when trying to educate students on the importance of proper safety precautions during Halloween.

Norton’s frustration with the class finally reaches a breaking point when he says, “Challon is clearly misinformed but she sounds very confident and that may be throwing some of the rest of you off.” The student then rallies her classmates around her point of view, that they should do everything they can to get the candy, and, as a result, the officer leaves in frustration.

Let’s face it, to some degree slick ad campaigns with “loud voices” have an impact. All to often Continue reading

Taking a page from Friday Night Lights, remember that a visionary comes up with ideas, setting up a sound strategy that adapts their vision effectively is yours.

Clear Vision, Solid Strategy Development, Can’t Lose

Strategy development requires using different types of data to establish a plan to help people achieve their goals. It’s like developing a vision for a customer, so in some ways it forces you to be a bit of a visionary. The concept of “visionary” has been on my mind thanks to this unattributed quote a friend posted on Twitter:

“Many think visionaries turn their back on the rest of us when they’re really leading us to the future.”

This quote challenges me because I see it casting the “visionary” in an excessively positive light. While I love following what trailblazers are up to, I can’t even imagine what the world would look like if every new “vision” of the future came to fruition. Ultimately I’ve found the visionaries I tend to gravitate toward aren’t those who always declare the “newest” thing the only way to go, but those who instead try to place “new” things in context for achieving strategic objectives.
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